How To Cheaply Pack Fragile Items so They Won't Break in the Mail

When you have to ship something breakable and fragile in the mail, you must be vigilant about how you pack it. If done incorrectly, your package may arrive in several little pieces. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to package something correctly. Use things you can easily find in your home so you can spend the money on shipping instead of packaging.

Here’s how to cheaply pack fragile items so it won’t break in the mail.

  • Save packaging items you get. When something is sent to you, don’t throw out the stuffing. Be environmental and practical, and reuse it! As long as it’s clean and did not come in contact with food items, you should be able to store it for use for the next time you mail something out. Why buy bubble wrap, packaging peanuts and other insulation usually are purchased at office supply stores, when you already got it for free?
  • Use old newspapers. Crumple old newspapers to act as insulation and shock absorbers. When using it for packaging, crumple the sheets of paper loosely to create air pockets, then place it in the box to surround the item you are shipping. Old sheets of paper will also work well, but check out the text first to see if there’s anything too personal on the documents.
  • Use old towels. If you have a microfiber cloth, you may want to wrap the highly breakable item with it. It’s lightweight so it won’t add so much to your shipping cost, compared to using a regular cotton towel.
  • Use sponges and rubber bands. Use regular kitchen sponges to act as a buffer for highly breakable things. Attach the sponge onto the item by using a rubber band, especially if the item will be placed next to something else that ca rub against it during shipping.
  • Double box it. To protect highly fragile items such as glassware, pack the items in a smaller box, which you will then place inside a bigger box. There should be some space between the inner box and the outer box so that you can stuff the space with newspapers, packaging peanuts and other things that can act as shock absorbers.
  • Use original packaging. If you are mailing a box of stemware of a box of plates, don’t take it out of the original box it came in. Instead, place that inside a larger box and follow the double box packaging instructions. If the original package is unopened, even better since the manufacturer has already secured the product.
  • Secure the box. Tape the box securely before shipping the item. All your packaging efforts will go to waste if the tape of the box comes off in transit. Use tape specifically made for packaging. If you use masking tape or regular scotch tape, it may not withstand the rigors of shipping.

Insure the product you are shipping for your piece of mind. Go with a dependable mailing service and have your package labeled as fragile. Allow ample time for shipping delivery so you’re not in a frantic rush packing and having your package sent. Take the time to wrap your item properly so you know that your package will arrive to its destination in one piece.


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