How To Choose a Travel Destination in 2020

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Travel and tourism is the second-most important spending priority for Americans.

With traveling being so important for so many, it can be hard to decide where to travel next.

You don't want your vacation days to go to waste. By reading our guide, you'll learn how to choose a travel destination.

Let's get started!

How to Choose a Travel Destination Using Social Media

If you're lacking some inspiration on your 2020 travel destination, start dreaming by browsing Pinterest and Instagram. There are also plenty of travel blogs you can follow.

These sources may make you envious, but they also show you gorgeous pictures of the world. Start making a list of beautiful places you want to see. When you're ready to book a vacation, you'll already have some ideas.

Plan Around an Event or Hobby

Sometimes, the best ways to choose a travel destination are the festivals and activities there.

If you love skiing, travel to a snowy mountainscape. If you love writing, find a quiet and inspiring countryside. Set travel goals of what you'd do in each location.

When traveling for a festival, be sure to book your accommodations way in advance. There will be lots of people there who also need to book flights and hotels.

If nothing else, think about a country whose cuisine you adore. 

Plan Around Logistics

Figuring out how to choose a travel destination can be dependent on your schedule. Think about when you can take your vacation days, as well as who you'll be traveling with.

A travel destination for your whole family will be different than one with your significant other.

Once you have a timeframe, think about which countries will be in the "off-season." This will not only save you money on flights, but it will also mean that the location will be less crowded.

On a flight-tracking website, type in your starting location and your desired price point. Not only will you find inspiration, but you may also find a great deal.

If you have travel miles or loyalty programs, see what deals are available for you. Travel agents are a great resource if you need help with the logistics of travel.

Get Creative...And Spontaneous

Be open to new places, even if you've never heard of them before. On the other hand, don't discount a place just because it's a common travel destination.

Fly into other cities besides the country's main city. You could also choose a nearby airport and take a train to your desired location. Not only will you save money, but you'll also see more of the country that way.

If something piques your interest or you find a great deal, be decisive and book your flight. The more you think about it, the less likely you are to go. 

Turn Your Dreams Into Actions

Now that you know how to choose a travel destination, you can start making plans.

Which places are on your travel list? Have you ever been somewhere amazing? Let us know in the comments below!


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