How To Choose Luggage Size

Travel requires that you have luggage for your stuff. This is already a given fact. But if you are like many first time travelers, you might be wondering how you are to choose the right luggage size for your trip. This is a very tricky question, because people generally tend to have that inclination to underestimate their baggage especially if it’s their very first time to make use of a luggage bag. As a result, there are people who pay more for excess luggage at the time of checking in!

Just be very objective as you follow the guidelines in choosing your luggage size. If at all possible, get someone to help you out as you do this so that you will have a second opinion. Here are some things that can aid you as you try to choose the right luggage size for your trip!

  1. Consider first your mode of transportation. If you are traveling by air, you will have a relatively bigger space for your luggage. You can take such liberty in choosing a bigger luggage than usual. But if you are traveling by train, you will have to make do with the limited compartment given for your luggage. So you might need to consider this first before you do anything else.
  2. Match it with the length of vacation. Duffel bags may suffice if it’s only an overnight thing. If it’s less than 4 days, you can use around a 23” carry on luggage. For trips greater than one week, you can get the 27” or 20” dimensions. If dimensions give you some difficulty, you can also consider the volume contained by the luggage.
  3. Get your stuff out and weigh them. One way to check if the luggage of your choice is perfect is if it fits the approximate volume to be consumed by the stuff that you will be placing in it. Clothes are quite easy to squeeze in, but the other toiletries won’t be as easy.
  4. Mind your luggage weight. Your luggage weight must match the airline limits prescribed by different companies. You can check some of these standards in the links given by Squidoo.
  5. Canvass in different malls and online stores. Take your pick in different malls and online store: Evex, Sears, Dixie’s Outdoor mall and many others. You just need to determine which one has the best prices and make comparisons. You can’t have a theory of your ideal size without checking what’s available out there.

Laundry facilities may help you travel lighter. In traveling with luggage, it is still the ideal to travel light and keep your vacation smooth! Hand carry luggage is much safer since you have the bag with you on your side throughout the whole trip. So you might also want to make good use of that instead of getting a really large luggage. In addition, you might need to have some transportation options ready from the airport if you are carrying very large luggage.


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