How To Choose Money Belt Models and Styles

So you are planning to go to Mexico, Rome, or France? Before you set off on your travels, be prepared for pickpockets. If you are not wise enough to protect yourself, you might just lose your money, passport, visa, and other important documents. You surely don’t want to be stranded abroad or be deported. One of the simplest and easiest ways you can protect yourself from pickpockets or any possibility of losing your important documents and money is by having a money belt. 

Money belt, holder belt, money wallets, money holder, money pouch, or money purse—whatever you call it, it’s just a good way to refuse to be a victim of pickpockets.  Don’t worry if you are new to money belt. Here are the types and models of holder belt or money belt you can find in the market:

  • Waterproof. This type of money belt is your perfect accompaniment if you will travel via ship or any water vehicle. This is great also if you will go to the beach. You simply have to insert your money, credit cards, IDs, or anything important in the waterproof money belt, and you can already feel secured even if you swim in the deepest sea. However, you should be careful when buying a waterproof money belt. Some of these can only withstand water for a period of time or in a certain depth of water. Better read the manufacturer’s description of the money belt before buying it, or else you might just be so disappointed in such a lousy waterproof money belt.
  • Travel. Basically, all money belt types were made for traveling, hence, you can call these travel money belts. But with the emerging new designs and styles, the travel money belt is primarily made for traveling. A travel money belt is usually made out of waterproof materials. Some of these are hidden, while there are some that are made for showing off. You’ll know that it’s a travel money belt if it has many pockets for different documents like passports and visas, credit cards, and money. 
  • Hidden. As its name implies, this money belt type is “hidden.” This could mean a money belt that can be worn under the shirt or a money belt disguised as another thing, say an ordinary belt. The purpose of having a hidden money belt is to hide from everyone that you are carrying extra money, credit cards, or IDs. This will be very helpful in some cases like when you become a holdup victim. 

Aside from the types, you may find money belts in different materials and designs as well. For the materials, you will find plastic, silk, leather, or synthetic fiber making up a money belt.  Different designs are also available like having a common shape pattern, say circle patterns and line patterns. However, most of the money belts have solid colors only. Besides, some of these don’t even need any design because these are made not for fashion but for function.


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