How To Choose the Perfect Travel Bag

A huge part of your travels involves your luggage bags, and so it will definitely be a good investment of your time and money to purchase the perfect travel bag. After all, you need luggage that doesn't have the threat of a jammed zipper or lock that malfunctions. No one needs added hassles like that when traveling.

With that being said, what are some of the characteristics to look for when choosing your luggage bags and travel gear?

  1. Determine the type of bag that you would like to have. There are many types of travel bags available: travel cases, suitcase bag, stroller or wheels bag, and many more. Usually what type of travel bag you will choose will depend on your destination, your way of getting there, and your purpose for going to that place. Let’s say for example you will be backpacking throughout Europe. The type of bag that would be best for you would be a backpack suitable for carrying around. If you’re going on a business trip to HongKong, for example, and you’d likely be leaving most of your bags at a hotel, then a sturdy bag on wheels would be a good choice. A general rule, however, is that you should bring a big luggage bag for your possessions (remember that many airports permit just one to two luggage bags for check in, and you’d get charged for extras) plus a handy carry-on bag (preferably one that you could wear on your shoulders or you can strap around your body).
  2. Look for bags with ample storage. Inspect the bag as to how much it is capable of carrying. Preferable are bags with multiple compartments, so that you can easily organize your travel-related documents as well as your electronic gadgets (iPods, digital cameras, etc).
  3. Look for bags with secure straps and closures. Double-check the straps to make sure that they are built very securely, as you wouldn’t want them to fall off mid-journey! The straps should also be long enough that you could comfortably carry them on your shoulders. Also, the closures should be durable as well: check the zipper (make sure that it doesn’t catch and it it zips smoothly), the velcro straps, and the flaps. It should be easy enough to open, but then remember that it shouldn’t be too easy that a pickpocket thief could conveniently zip it open without you noticing.
  4. Check the weight of the bag. Though you’d want your bag to be very durable and resilient, you’d also want to make sure that it’s not made of heavy or bulky material. What you’ll like would be a bag made of lightweight material that would be easy to lug around and yet would provide ample protection to your things. When you’re shopping for a luggage bag, carry the empty bag around for a few seconds and see if the weight is just right. A nylon bag is usually perfect.

These are just some tips for you to remember when choosing the perfect travel bag. Remember: paying more for high quality is usually well worth it!


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