How To Compare Beach Resorts

The onset of summer means vacation, trips, and getaways to beach resorts.  It is indeed a good idea to take a few days off at a resort so you can bask in the sunshine and swim in the clear blue waters.  Go snorkeling, scuba diving, or just sun bathing. Whatever you want to do, you totally are in control!  Resorts offer as many amenities as possible to cater to the beach-loving individuals.  To compare beach resorts, you have to consider the following points:

  • Meals and refreshments - Is it an all-meals, snacks, and drinks resort? People love the comfort of enjoying food without taking out the wallet. Some beaches include meals and refreshments in the package, so you would not have to worry about anything. All you have to do is to relax. Some beaches also offer 24-hour dining services, which is actually good news if you are partying round-the-clock. Some beach resorts even have a number of specialty restaurants offering cuisine from Thai to Japanese, to Jamaican to Caribbean.
  • Accommodations - Does the resort have luxurious suites? The primary objective of beach resorts is to bring you to a totally new place, but still giving you that at-home feeling. They are supposed to provide all the comforts that you experience back in your own home. If you have kids, then you can opt for a two or three-bedroom suite. Check if the room has plush beds, if their linen is regularly washed and well taken care of, and if they have a butler or concierge you could call anytime. Try checking online for reviews of hotels and beach resorts, and watch out for reports of unsatisfactory concierge and cleaning services. Inquire about the bathrooms, the use of towels and appliances. Probably the best rooms and suites are those facing the beach, of course.
  • Activities - Do these resorts provide wholesome activities for kids and teens? Most resorts offer to watch over your kids while you have a just-the-two-of-you time with your significant other. However, there are resorts that charge extra for supervising your children. When comparing beach resorts, check those that give this service for free. Kiddie programs include group water sports, tennis games, dance parties, and talent-developing activities.
  • Safety - How safe is the beach resort? Check its location. Research whether this resort has had incidents or accidents, whether caused by nature or by the guests. Is the location prone to hurricanes? How may lifeguards are available? Do not be satisfied with physical amenities alone. Be mindful of your family's safety, too.
  • Special offers - Does the resort provide special offers? Some resorts offer two more free nights if you stay there for a week. Or if you plan to make a Caribbean getaway with three of your girlfriends, then look for a beach resort that offers discounts to groups of four girls.

When comparing beach resorts, keep in mind the quality and affordability of the services offered by each. Pick the one that you know can give you the relaxation that you need, but still be within your budget.  And of course, never take for granted each resort's background.  If you hear lots of good reviews for a particular resort, then maybe that is just what you are looking for.


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