How To Compare Chicago Hotels

Chicago is a fantastic place to visit. But accommodations can sometimes be a bit pricey. Here are some tips to help you compare and save when booking your next Chicago hotel.

Step 1

Surf to If you've got access to the internet, then the easiest way to compare Chicago hotels is to use the comparative tool on In your browser's address bar, type in or click on the link provided. Select the ‘Hotels' menu option, and type in ‘Chicago' in the city name. Type in your travel dates, the number of guests you need to accommodate and the number of rooms you require. Then click on the ‘Find Hotel Deals' button.

Step 2

Modify your search. Once you click on the ‘Find Hotel Deals' button, you'll be taken to a page listing all of the hotels that meet your search criteria. You can sort by popularity, price, name and rating by clicking on the ‘Sort By' buttons at the top of the column. But you'll probably find that there are just too many Chicago hotels to compare at this point. Take a few seconds to modify your search on the left side of the web page. This will focus in on the best hotels for you. Select your preferred distance from the city center, or click on the dropdown menu to select your preferred distance from other main Chicago landmarks. You can even insert a specific address if yours doesn't appear on the list.

Then move the price arrow to indicate your preferred budget for Chicago hotels. Notice that you can also modify your search to include any number of stars in the hotel rating, from 2 to 5. Pick your favorite chain of hotel if you have one, click on amenities you'd like to have, and then watch as the website continually refreshes itself to include only hotels that meet your chosen criteria. If you find that you are left with few options that meet your needs, go back and modify your search again to allow for more hotels to appear. Sometimes hotels are available that don't meet all of your desires, but still meet all of your needs.

Step 3

Compare the hotels. Once you've generated a fair-sized list using this website, you should start comparing the hotel options you have available in Chicago. Each hotel will be listed in its own separate box, with the price for a basic room listed in bold on the left. Compare the user ratings of each hotel in Chicago in order to get a good idea of what other travelers thought of the accommodations. User reviews are available to help you with this. At the bottom of each hotel box, you'll also notice small green icons. These indicate which amenities are available at or near the hotels you're comparing. There will be a picture shown with each hotel as well, but don't let the picture make the decision for you. Compare the price, amenities, location and user ratings of all the Chicago hotels in your list in order to arrive at the best Chicago hotel option for you.


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