How To Compare Miami Hotels

Miami has it all - sand, sun and fun! With so many tourist attractions, you can't help but want to visit this popular Florida destination. Find great deals on accommodations as you plan your next trip to Miami by using this guide to help you compare hotels in and around Miami.

Step 1

Surf to If you want to compare hotels in Miami, there is no better site to visit than Type the address into your browser's address bar, or click on the link provided.

Step 2

Enter your travel information. Once you've arrived at, click on the ‘Hotels' sub-menu. Enter ‘Miami' in the city name box, and then fill in your travel details like your arrival date, your departure date, the number of people requiring hotel accommodations, and the number of hotel rooms you'll need. Then simply click on ‘Find Hotel Deals' and the website will start searching all of the hotels in the Miami area that meet your search requirements and have availability for the dates you selected.

Step 3

Narrow your search. Once you click on the ‘Find Hotel Deals' options, you will be taken to a very detailed page containing comparative information about all of the hotels in Miami that meet your needs for your particular travel dates. Sure, it's useful information. But it will likely be too much information. To help you better compare Miami hotels, narrow your search criteria to only the hotels that are perfect for you.

To do this, navigate to the left side of the web page. Under the ‘Preferred Location' column, choose the number of miles you want to be from the city center. Or, click on the down arrow to change your landmarks to another popular place near Miami that you'd like to have your hotel close to. Next, drag the price cursor to the top of your price range. Notice that prices can range as high as $2000 per night. You can cut a lot of hotels out of your display window by opting to see only the hotels you can afford. You can also compare Miami hotels based on their star ratings. Click on the minimum number of stars your Miami hotel should have.

Along with the rating of the hotel, you can also select the chain of hotel. The comparative search tool is automatically set to compare all hotel brands. But if you have a preferred hotel chain, click on its name to see those hotels in your comparative search. Finish off your modified search by checking the box beside any amenity that you require of your hotel. Perhaps you only want to compare Miami hotels that have internet, a pool, and a fitness center. This website will allow you to search and compare only those hotels that offer all of these amenities to their guests, greatly narrowing your Miami hotel search.

Step 4

Compare hotels and make your choice. As you make each search modification, you'll notice that the web page continually refreshes itself to accommodate your new search criteria. The more specific your search, the better chances you'll find the perfect hotel for your stay in Miami. Compare the price, rating, reviews and amenities of each hotel left in your search column. Check out the distance from the hotel to major attractions, and then once you compare all of the elements of each potential hotel, choose the right Miami hotel for your needs and your budget.


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