How To Design and Create a Custom Map

Throughout the world's history, maps have proved their important purpose to mankind. Drawn onto old papers, the world was given shape and places were given directions. Now, through the advent of technology, maps on papers are becoming obsolete. A custom map is being introduced for a lot of purposes

Custom maps are computer-generated. There are a lot of computer software programs that have been designed to create them easily. The software is usually user-friendly that its creator claims that even a caveman can do it.

With the help of the software, you can create and design a map for any place. Examples of custom pack maps that are made through computer software are:

  • Americas Route 66 Highway - It gives a view of this legendary highway and will let drivers know what can be seen there today.
  • Japan - It gives a full view of a trip across Japan in three weeks time.
  • Olympic Host Cities - It highlights all the cities that have hosted the Olympic games.
  • Monster Sightings - It gives a view of the locations where there are allegedly monster sightings around the globe.

The good thing about custom campaign maps is that they are not limited to the traditional maps alone. Any kind of map can be made including defence map, level map, puzzle, directions and a lot more.

If you are interested in designing a custom pack map that you can claim your own, here's how:

  1. The way to do it depends on the software being used. You can download a program from the Internet that is designed for creating custom campaign maps.
  2. After you download an option click "Create a New Map." This is common in any custom map software available.
  3. After that, the first step that you need to do is create a title and description of the map that is being done. Tell whether it is a defence map, level map, puzzle, or whatever type of map you are designing.
  4. There are tools in the program that you can use to design the map.
    • Selection tool - This is used to drag the map and select the other tools in the program.
    • Placemark tool - This is used to add placemarks.
    • Line tool - This is used to draw lines on the map.
    • Shape tool - This is used to add shapes on the map.
  5. You can also add photos and videos on the map that you are designing. The way it is done depends on the software you are using.
  6. Save the finished project once you reach your desired goal. Then you can start sharing and viewing it online.

Creating and designing your map is easy. You do not need training to perfect the project that you are doing. If you want to be a map creator, then you can practice in the software available on the Internet. Now you can make all the maps that you want to have.


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