How To Find a Cheap American Cottage

When going on vacation, most American families prefer to go to a cottage out in the wilderness or the country. To the people who live in the cities, this is one way to reconnect to the American heartland and the other side of being a citizen of a great state and country. There are some who choose to go to really touristy areas like theme parks and other points of interest, but for those who simply want to enjoy the calmness of the passing day as well as the company of family and friends,  any cottage will do - and it wouldn't hurt if it were cheap.

If you want to take your family off the beaten path, here are some of the places where you can find cheap American cottages.

  • South Carolina - This state has the cheapest villa rental rates anywhere along the Atlantic seaboard. There are many coastal towns to choose from and this state's beaches are considered among the best in the entire continental United States.
  • Washington - If the cold mountain breeze relaxes you more than the wind from the seas and oceans, Washington State might just be your ideal location for a holiday. This is a great opportunity for those who love hiking and even camping. There are a lot of rental houses on the border next to Oregon and Idaho and these towns offer lots of outdoor activities. Unlike the more developed and touristy areas of Colorado, the prices for cottages here are significantly lower.
  • Texas - Texas is a huge place, but if you stay out of the major cities such as Austin, Dallas and Houston, you might just find a good deal for a cottage. Being in Texas allows you and your family to connect to a piece of American history that isn't exactly as evident in other parts of the country. The vastness of the state also offers a lot of activities for thrill seekers and homebodies alike.
  • Maine - On the east uppermost tip of the United States sits the state of Maine. The state is also famed for having great natural resources as well stunning views that could disarm any traveler, especially those who love the sea. Since tourism isn't exactly big here - it is flanked to the north by not so densely populated provinces of Canada - it can be easy to get a cottage at a reasonable price. Going to Maine can be quite an experience. It's like the last frontier of continental U.S.

There are plenty of places with cheap cottage rentals if you just know where to look. This short list of states is just the tip of the iceberg. As with most vacation activities, sometimes the fun is in the journey, and not just the destination. So be sure to plan ahead, and make reservations early, so you will have a no-frills, no-trouble trip on your cottage holiday.


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