How To Find a Hotel Guide for Paris

You can't be caught in the most romantic city in the world without ample preparation, especially when it comes to lodging. If you really want to stroll through Paris and take a vacation in a classy manner, then a classy Parisian hotel must also be part of your plans and itinerary. Oh, but the many options to choose from may have you stumped. For one thing, the very circular arrangement of the road might have you all dizzy and confused before you get to the perfect hotel that will help make your stay in Paris a pleasurable one. A hotel guide is viable solution to this dilemma. Here's how to find Paris hotel guides.

Finding a hotel guide gets half of your problem solved. A good hotel guide will be able to brief you accordingly. If it's a luxury guide, you will find the room guides that are standard to most of the hotel guides for Paris. In addition, you will find some information on hotel facilities and the nearest interesting places in that particular hotel you are eyeing. Not eyeing a particular hotel? No need to worry since most of the online hotel guides will have those hotels sorted by name, budget and functionality. This will allow you to narrow down your options. 

Some of the old school types of hotel guides such as Frommer's and other offline guides are quite reliable. If you do not have your own mobile media center at the tip of your fingertips, you can make use of these guides and carry them with you while you explore Paris on foot. Of course, you will need to take note of date of creation of that offline hotel guide. Books do not have the same dynamism that you will find with online stuff. You will find that every year these guides might have to make changes. But if your book is up to three years old, you can still find good use for it since hotels really do not change as much except in pricing and other fluid considerations.

In addition to these books online guides abound. Some of the really nice reviews and hotel guides can be found on the following websites:,,, and If you find that a more personalized hotel guide is for you, you can also try the blogosphere and check out what travel writers have to say. Paris in might also give you a better feel of the hotel in context with other elements of a Parisian vacation.

Hotels in Paris are often not given much attention by some people, especially if they will be spending a lot of time outdoors, exploring the terrain and helping themselves with the breathtaking scenery. But having a good hotel is still an advantage for you if you are going to exhaust yourself like crazy and need a good place for sleeping after a grueling day.


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