How To Find a Hotel Guide for Seattle

Planning to go to Seattle? Why not? With its different historical and world-famous attractions, such as the Space Needle (featured in the movie Men in Black), the Pike Place Market, Fisherman's Terminal, and the Safeco Field, it's definitely one of the top places you could go to during your lifetime. During your stay, the hotel you'd be choosing will definitely be a big factor towards determining your total Seattle experience. That's why it's important to take the time to research the best-quality and best-value hotels in the Seattle area.

Of course, it's important also that you determine for yourself what you are looking for in a hotel, so you'd know how to choose amongst all the options available. Some of the factors you might consider include how accessible and conveniently-located the hotel is, what the amenities are (is there wifi? Do they offer free breakfast?), how the atmosphere is (does it have a romantic atmosphere? A modern, cosmopolitan one?), what the hotel facilities are, and of course, how much you'd have to spend.

To help you with your choice, take advantage of the posted hotels ratings in different websites, as well as the users' ratings, comments and reviews. These ratings are usually within a website that has abundant information on the different top hotels in Seattle, and here are some that you could check out:

TripAdvisor provides information upfront on the different hotels in Seattle, categorizing them into the following: top value hotels, most popular, and luxury hotels. The average rates per day is also displayed prominently. If you want to check for specific rates (based on your projected check-in and check-out dates and the number of rooms you need), you'd get linked to Expedia. Here, you'd see a room guide and description and the rates you could expect. Apart from the rates information, you'd also find a lot of helpful user reviews on hotels. is definitely a must-see to help you make the most of your Seattle experience. You'd find information on such topics as Seattle dining, music and nightlife, transportation, tours and attraction, and many more. Just don't get too sidetracked from researching about hotels! Click on listings of the most popular hotels in the Seattle area, and find a helpful description of each. Take advantage also of their offered website-exclusive discounts on participating hotels.

Fodor's is a site where you can find listings of top hotels. Be guided by the symbols that indicate how pricey they are, and where they are located (for example, downtown, university district, West Seattle, and so on).  Be guided by the expert, insider reviews on hotels, the available luxury guides and hall guides, and traveler advice by other readers.

The New York Times has short and very easy to read reviews that would at least give you an idea what other travelers are talking about. If you're not yet absolutely sure about which specific hotel you like, you could be guided by the assortment of users' reviews on different ones in Seattle.

There you have it! These are just some of the hotel guides for Seattle that would definitely help you out. Take the time to browse through these hotel guide websites, do comparative research and cross referencing, and be ready to have a Seattle experience of a lifetime. Good luck!


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