How To Find a Hotel Room for Coachella

Coachella is an annual music and art festival. It is a weekend event held at Indio City in Coachella Valley in California. Several stages are set up for different bands to play live music. Thousands of people attend annually, so if you’re planning to go, it’s best to make preparations well in advance.

For the weekend festival, it’s a good idea to get a hotel room so you can really immerse yourself in the experience. It’s also more convenient to check in so you won’t have to deal with the heavy traffic going home. Here’s how to find a hotel room for Coachella.

  • Go to the official website to get details. If you want the most current information on the festival, check out the website at There’s even a countdown till the event date. Also, there’s a list of suggested hotels in the vicinity to help you narrow down your choices.
  • Start planning early. The event dates are announced well in advance, so you have ample time to prepare. Rain or shine, the event pushes through, so don’t worry about having to make cancellations because of the change of date. Ask for your vacation leave early if you’ll take a few days before the event if you’re going to do a road trip to make it to Coachella. Also, if you’re going with friends and other music enthusiasts, round up the gang right away so you can get a set of rooms. You may be able to get discounted rates if you’re blocking off a certain number of rooms.
  • Set your budget. There are many affordable places to stay in the area. Which place you choose will be determined by the amenities you are looking for and what you can afford. If you’re on a budget, look for low frills places that offer a decent bed and clean bathrooms. If you’re a group, you can go with something a little mid range and split the cost. The more centrally located venues will tend to be a little pricier.
  • Choose a hotel close to the venue. The festival is held at the Empire Polo Fields, so try to get a hotel that can be a short walking or driving distance to the venue. Parking is free during the daytime, but it can get pretty full quickly. Keep in mind, the closer you are to the venue, the noisier and rowdier it may be, so if you don’t mind the distance, you can find something a little farther away from the ruckus but still within the vicinity.
  • Go to travel websites. Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz can give you rates on the different hotels in the area. You may check out the individual hotel website to see if you can get a better rate. Another option is to call the hotel directly using their toll free number to see if there are any specials for the Coachella festival visitors.

Plan your Coachella Festival weekend early so you don’t run out of rooms. If you end up booking late and have a hard time finding a place, don’t be afraid to book a hotel at nearby cities such as Palm Dessert, Indian Wells or even Rancho Mirage.


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