How To Find a Vacation Villa

One of the things that can make you feel most at home on vacation is getting a good vacation villa. You might find some solace in asking for favors to people with houses in your location on some instances, and save yourself all that extra expense needed by a vacation villa. But if you can afford the luxury of villa rentals for the holidays (for example, with a theme like a posh Italian style), then here's how to find a good vacation villa for you and your family to enjoy.

  1. Prepare your budget. This is the number one thing that you have to do when you are trying to score a nice vacation villa for yourself. Your budget will dictate what kind of vacation villa you will have. Vacation villas have different price ranges, so at the very start, you need to know your financial limitations to further narrow down all of your broad range of options. 
  2. Ask around in your network. You can find almost everything if you have a good network at your fingertips. Be it through social networking sites or through your own personal phone book, you can just ask around if people know of discounts. The best deals are often given by people you are personally related to and not in the usual way of promotions and advertisements that villa owners go by.
  3. Find other seasoned travelers. The best way to get a nice villa in any place that you want is to learn from the experiences of seasoned travelers. Search for reviews on nice Web sites like and you will find that they have a lot of information from people who have gone to where you are planning to go. They will also give you tips on the best lodging options for a particular place.
  4. Check out online and offline listings. Web sites like will provide you with the information on different villas from different countries. It will help you narrow down your options and at the same time, help plug you with a certain villa that is near the particular tourist spots or area of interest where you want to rent a vacation villa.
  5. Go direct or hook up with a travel agency. A travel agency is known for providing you with the big picture. It will not just let you have options for your lodging, but also your means of getting to and from a particular place. This will be a very useful input for you since you will be locating a vacation villa in the context of your entire vacation activities.
  6. Chat up with the locals. There are still a lot of vital but unwritten rules when it comes to communications with people from different places and cultures. In the same way, you need to make sure that you are in the zone and know the best deals and the dos and don'ts when you are renting out a villa for a particular place. You can only do this by taking it from the people who have been there in your desired area frequently. The locals will also be able to tell you of villas being rented that are not really that commercially prominent but known as local favorites.


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