How To Find All Inclusive Vacation Packages

Save yourself the stress of having to worry about every detail of your vacation by booking an all-inclusive vacation package. You won't pay separately for meals, lodging, transportation or most activities. Everything is included so all you'll need to do is relax. Here's a handy guide that will help you find all inclusive vacation packages.

Step 1

Go online. The Internet is the ultimate source for finding all inclusive vacation packages. Using just about any travel website, you can find an all inclusive vacation package with a few clicks of your mouse. You can search for all inclusive packages by destination, transportation type (air, land or ship) or by price. You can also find all inclusive vacation packages by searching the deals and special offers sections on travel websites (often referred to as ‘Last Minute Deals'). Any of the sites below will quickly lead you to several all inclusive packages from just about anywhere around the world.

Step 2

Search the newspaper. The weekend edition of your newspaper usually has a travel section. Pay close attention to this pullout when you are looking for all inclusive travel deals, as there will be many to choose from. Travel agencies, websites and cruise lines will all post their ‘deal of the week' in the newspaper. Browse this section for all inclusive packages that appeal to you. (Just beware of hidden fees when looking at the price. Often, the list price doesn't include taxes, port fees or booking fees.)

Step 3

Enlist the help of a travel agent. They say two minds are better than one. So in your search for the best all inclusive travel deals, get help from a professional. Talk to a travel agent about your budget, your travel timeline and your preferred destination. Ask her to come up with a few options for you. She has access to every resort, airline and tour company around the world. So you can bet that she will be able to pull up a few great all inclusive vacation packages for you to consider. (Keep in mind that travel agents for work a commission, so you will be paying more for the benefit of having a travel agent book your vacation for you.)

Step 4

Call the location direct. Some travel destinations, such as Disney, have customer service departments that will be more than happy to work with you to create the perfect all inclusive vacation package. And it's usually a lot cheaper to go with the all inclusive package than paying separately at these types of resorts anyway. Tell the agent that you want all meals, transportation and activities included and see what price you're offered. If you're lucky, you can find an all inclusive vacation package that meets your needs and your budget with one simple phone call.


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