How To Find Cheap Hotels in Bahrain

Because of its rich heritage and tourist-friendly Islamic culture, Bahrain is fast becoming a favorite Arab destination. What’s good about visiting Bahrain is that you can get a taste of its culture without having to spend much. In fact, you can find a lot of accommodations there that won’t bore a hole. The issue actually is not whether there are cheap hotels in Bahrain, because there are. The issue here is how to find them. Here are some tips for you.

  • Determine your budget. First of all, you need to identify how much you are willing to pay per night. There are hotels that charge around $100 while there are also some that charge as lows as $40 to $80. The difference in price is usually reflected in the amenities and services, but usually the amenities and services in more expensive hotels are non-essential.
  • Look up on the web. Before you go on a trip, first do your assignment: research. Search in the Internet about the cheap accommodations in Bahrain. Try to Google them using the key phrases “cheap hotels Bahrain,” “cheap accommodations Bahrain,” and “discount hotels Bahrain.” Best to specify where exactly in Bahrain you are staying. If you find one that looks promising, go and book right away. Some hotels will give you discounts if you book ahead of time.
  • Plan your trip off-peak season. You will most likely find cheap hotels if you book during the off-peak season. Summers, Formula One Racing event, Bahrain cultural holidays, and special national and international events will influence the rise of hotel prices.
  • Go for local hotels and motels. There are lots of five-star, world-brand hotels in Bahrain, but because they are ridiculously expensive, you want to stay away from them. What you need is to book in local hotels that charge way cheaper but give quality services. Many of these hotels have swimming pools and fitness facilities, offer free Wi-Fi connection, and have functional standard rooms complete with kitchen, dining room, and living room appliances and furniture.
  • Visit the strips of cheap hotels. Within and around Manama—the country’s capital—are clusters of hotels. They are usually a few miles from the malls, expensive hotels, and business center. Try to visit four of five hotels and compare prices. The prices usually are similar among the neighboring hotels, so you just have to decide which hotel you think will be the best home away from home.
  • Read reviews. Try to look for hotel reviews in the web. What you want to make sure is that the hotels, although cheap, offer good services. Good thing is that there are several sites that do hotel comparisons, helping you see which hotels are inexpensive but outstanding and which hotels are cheap both in price and performance.

As you know, hotel accommodations will eat up a large part of your travel expenses. So if you get to book in a cheap hotel, you can save some amount that you can allocate for shopping, food, and recreation activities in Bahrain.


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