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When you are planning an international trip, finding discount airline tickets may be the most difficult part of your travel arrangements. Locate cheap international airline flights by following these tips. Remember, there are many ways to book flight tickets, but these suggestions will help you find the cheap international fares.

  1. Have flexible travel dates. The more flexibility you have, the better chances you will find cheap tickets.
  2. Fly midweek. Weekend travel is more popular so flights are more likely to be full and not offer deals on weekends. Instead, plan to fly midweek to take advantage of any specials being offered to full up the plane.
  3. Avoid busy holiday travel. Most travelers travel a few days before and after the holiday so try to avoid those dates. Instead try to travel on the actual holiday or more than four days before or after the holiday.
  4. Book early. While there may be some companies that offer discounts for last minute travel, if you want to have a secure ticket and travel date you can count on, then you need to make your reservation and purchase the ticket as soon as possible. Try for at least fourteen days whenever possible. Thirty days in advance is even better when you can arrange it.
  5. Check alternate airports. If you live in an area where there is more than one airport within driving distance, then check all the airports for flight availability. Some international flights leave from smaller or less popular airports. Other flights are less expensive out of these airports so that they can fill the seats.
  6. Consider offering to be a courier. Courier flights are often the easiest way for you to get to popular international destinations including Europe. Check websites such as for cheaper courier rates.
  7. Check flights in and out of London with connections to other European cities. Sometimes the best flight across the Atlantic is to and from London, similar to how flights from Europe to the US connect in New York City. Before you select a flight, check for one with a main connection in London. You may save hundreds for a few hours layover to change planes.
  8. For exotic and non-European destinations, check the regional airlines. Often flights to Asia and Australia are best arranged with an airline from the country you want to travel to. Check those airlines before making a reservation for possible deals.

Now you know how to find cheap international plane tickets. Booking flight tickets is easy, but finding discount airline tickets can be tricky. If you follow these tips you should be able to get a deal on your airline ticket that you can afford even in tough economic times.


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