How To Find Cheap Train Tickets

Train tickets are your passage to traveling by train. Getting them cheap is always best, since that means you travel at a lesser cost. Traveling by train for some is one of the most enjoyable experiences and the best way to travel since they can relish their trip without missing the scenery going to their destination and back.

If you are interested in finding cheap train tickets, here are some tips you can follow.

  • Plan your trip early. Plan your train trip early so you can find the cheapest train tickets. If you have more than one train station near you, you can compare rates for destinations leading to where you plan to go.
  • Book your trip early. Booking your trip early is always the best way to get cheap train tickets. Buy your ticket 9-12 weeks before your trip to get a good deal on your train ticket.
  • Book your trip late. If you did not get a chance to book your trip early, there are last-minute booking discounts that can save you a lot of money. Try booking your train trip one night before or even an hour before the train you want to catch a ride in leaves. Call the train station and ask if there are advance tickets available. Advance tickets are sometimes cheaper.
  • Apply for a rail card. If you travel by train often, consider applying for a rail card. A rail card is a card you have to pay for to get 1/3 off your train tickets. If you use the train daily, once a week or once a month, a rail card is worth its price. You can get rail cards from websites that offer rail cards.
  • Book your trip at the rail station. Booking your train trip at a rail station can cut costs from booking at travel agencies, as you bypass the travel agency bill. Get a map and find out where you need to go and book your trip from the rail station. If you know how to get to where you are going, you do not need a travel agency that charges you booking fees.
  • Reconsider the shortcut. If you have plenty of time for your trip, taking the longer route might be cheaper than taking the train that goes the short route. Some train stations charge less when the train has to pass two or more stations going to the same destination as one that goes directly to a certain destination. Taking a longer trip also means that you get to enjoy more scenery before getting to your destination.

The tips listed above can help you get cheap train tickets for wherever you are going. Even if you take the train to work every day or if you are going to a vacation destination, you might like taking the train more than driving or riding a plane. You get to spend more time enjoying the scenery and enjoying the luxury of time if you book your trip at a station and take the train.


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