How To Find DC Metro Train Stations

Our nation’s capital is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Literally thousands of tourists from inside and outside the country come in daily to see historic places like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Wall and even Congress. There is a lot to see in the nation’s capital and sometimes the best way to see it is through DC Metro. These trains travel to a lot of locations around the DC area and they even go out to as far as Maryland and Virginia. With five rail lines running through several above ground and underground stations all over the city, it is the best way to get around DC.

Tourists may find it difficult to spot these stations, so if you ever find yourself in Washington DC and looking for a DC Metro station, follow the tips below on spotting them.

  • Plan ahead. These days all the information you need is downloadable through apps. Using your mobile phone or laptop, you can access DC Metro’s websites and download the station locations to your mobile or laptop. The Metro’s website is updated daily so you know which lines can get you to which location in DC.
  • Synch up. Using apps on your mobile phone or in whatever portable handheld device you own (iPods, iPads, Kindles, etc.) download a map of the city and the Metro stations. This will help you effectively get to your destinations in the quickest way possible so you have time to play tourist longer.
  • Look for the Brown. Metro stations are marked by large brown columns with a huge letter M on them. You can’t miss ‘em.
  • Learn the train lines. As expansive as the Metro is, odds are you will have to make transfers to get to your destinations. It’s best that you learn which station services which line and the route of the train lines. This will make your transfers easier and won’t take up too much time.
  • Get a Farecard. Trains aren’t free and you’ll need a Farecard to board them. These can be purchased at the station and you can ask the cashier about day passes if you’re not planning to stay in the city long.
  • Ask around. Seeing the city as a tourist destination, a lot of the locals are used to giving directions to lost tourists. As long as you act politely and cordially, you can ask locals for directions. You can also ask policemen for directions, as they’re likewise familiar with the city and its Metro locations.

Finding DC Metro stations in the city isn’t difficult as long as you’ve planned your trip ahead.  Planning ahead makes your travel time efficient so you’ve got more time to spend at the tourist spots. Try logging on tourist’s chat rooms and gather information there. You’d be surprised what information you can cull just from reading tourist’s and local’s postings on message boards online. The best way to get around DC is to ride the Metro and understanding how to spot Metro stations. This will be a big help while exploring the city.


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