How To Find Hotel Discounts and Deals in the US

Traveling is one of life's biggest pleasures, especially in the US, where you can go from one state to another and feel like you've entered two entirely different worlds. However, to really enjoy your trip, you should be worry-free and totally relaxed, and that means not agonizing over how much the trip is going to cost you. You should be able to return from your trip revived and refreshed, and not stressed out because your expenses burned a really big hole in your pocket. In these hard times, one sure way of saving money is finding good hotel discounts and deals.

  • Book your reservations way ahead of time. Hotels usually have promos for guests who make arrangements way before their actual stay. However, establishments may not advertise these promos (for obvious reasons), so be sure to ask detailed questions when you call the hotel.
  • If you're planning your trip with the help of a travel agency, ask the agency to find the best deal possible. Keep in mind, however, that agencies have to earn their money as well, so the hotel rates they give you might not be that cheap. It's more advisable to arrange hotel accommodations for yourself, if you have the time and resources for it.
  • When asking for room quotations, don't rely on what you are first told. You have to be more inquisitive and ask if there are other rates available, those which are more financially reasonable. Hotels are out to make a profit, so they'd naturally give you the highest quote. Don't settle for this. Insist that you're all right with simpler accommodations.
  • Make use of the Internet, and surf for good hotel discounts and deals online. Priceline is an example of a good site that you can visit. Some people even swap their hotel accommodations online with something else that you might be able to offer. You can also join travel clubs online where discussion boards on the topic of hotel deals and discounts are available.
  • Try to schedule your trip on off-season months, when rates are usually a lot cheaper. Find out if there's a big event in the area during your scheduled trip, such as a concert or a conference. Chances are, the hotel rates will be skyrocketing during that time even if it falls in an off-season, because rooms will be in demand. Avoid going to that place if there's such an event. Know also that hotel rates are more expensive during weekends, so try to schedule your stay on weekdays.

    However, if you absolutely have to be in that area because of a business meeting or a family reunion that has been planned for months, then ask the hotel if there are cheaper rates if you stay for several days and nights. Your company could also have a standing agreement with the hotel, so ask for discounts.

  • Before leaving the hotel, be sure to leave your business card, thank the staff for their services and ask the manager nicely to keep you posted on possible promotional discounts in the future. This is a good way of finding hotels discounts and deals in the US, and of building goodwill as well.

Be one step ahead of hotels and be vigilant in seeking hotel deals and discounts. You'll be enjoying your trip better that way. Don't sacrifice quality, though. Make sure that you're also given good rooms despite the price. Enjoy!


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