How To Find Inexpensive, High-Quality Accommodation on the Road

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Are you sick of paying over the odds for trashy accommodations when you're traveling?

On average, around one-quarter of your travel expenditure is on accommodation costs. 

Paying for lodging can quickly eat up in your vacation budget. But, you don't want to stay in a sketchy place when you're on vacation. 

But, there are tons of ways to find high-quality hotels without breaking the bank. Check out our tips below!

1. Stay More Than a Single Night 

You can usually get a much better deal on your accommodation if you stay more than one night. Hotels don't want you to stay over for short-stays.

When possible, stick around for a few more days to save money. You'll also get to know the area better this way. 

2. Avoid Weekends

You may also find that hotels have cheaper rates during the week. Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular. This also makes them much more expensive.

If you select awkward dates for your vacation, you may be shocked by the awesome deals you can get your hands on.

3. Go Self-Catering

If you stay at a vacation rental you may be able to cater for yourself.

This may not be cheaper accommodation. But, you'll save money on eating out in restaurants if you can prepare and cook food at the place.

4. Stay Out of Town

It's always a great experience to stay somewhere in the heart of the town.

But, you can save money on accommodations of the beaten track. Staying in the neighboring town or in the sticks can make your vacation more affordable.

5. Take Advantage of Rewards

If you sign up for a hotel booking website you may be eligible to enjoy rewards. If you're a regular customer, you could quickly add up your rewards points. 

Over time, you could even get discounted rates or free nights in hotels. It's definitely worth signing up!

6. Pay With Credit Card 

If you get credit card reward points, you could offset some of the expenses of your accommodation with savings elsewhere. You may even be able to pay for the accommodation with your points. 

7. Watch Out for Special Offers

You can follow hotels and rentals on social media to watch out for special offers. You could even sign up for e-newsletters to be the first to see the latest deals.

8. House Swap

There are many networks and websites where you can negotiate with other homeowners for a home exchange.

You live in New York and they live in California. Why not swap for a week to live the other person's life for a vacation?

How to Save Money on Accommodation?

Accommodation can cause you to dig deep into your wallet to search for extra cash. But, you don't have to wreck your budget to afford high-quality accommodation.

Follow our tips and tricks to secure amazing lodging for your next vacation. Did you find this article helpful and interesting? Check out more on our website.  


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