How To Find Last Minute Deals

If you have the flexibility of booking a vacation last minute, you can save yourself a fortune. Follow these tips on how to find last minute deals and you'll have one more reason to enjoy your vacation.

Step 1

Search websites. The first place you absolutely must look to find last minute deals is online. It's the number one place for finding discounted travel. Visit travel websites and search the ‘Last Minute Deals' section. Select your chosen destination, and then play around with departure and return dates. If you can fly mid-week, you can likely save even more money on your last minute getaway. These sites are a good place to start in your search for last minute travel deals.

Step 2

Browse your newspaper. Look in your newspaper under the ‘Travel' section and you'll be overwhelmed with the last minute deals being offered. You will find cruises, destination getaways and flights at very low prices. Providers make no money off of any empty seat or an empty hotel room, so they are willing to sell remaining seats and rooms for very little in order to make at least some money. You can save a lot of money by choosing to book last minute travel found in your newspaper. (Just beware of hidden fees not included in the ‘amazing low price'. You could be on the line for more than you bargained for.)

Step 3

Talk to a travel agent. A travel agent gets paid to find vacation deals so it makes sense that you talk to such a professional in your search for last minute travel deals. Locate a travel agent in your area and talk to her about booking a last minute deal. She will likely know of a few hot deals that you should consider. And if she doesn't have any, she'll get back to in a few days with a whole list of last minute travel options for you to browse. Keep in mind that travel agents still work for commission, so if you decide to book your last minute travel through an agent, you will likely pay a bit more than if you booked by yourself. However, there are benefits to having a travel agent (like someone to contact in the event there is a problem once you're at your destination). You may value the help when you need to make changes to your last minute travel plans. If you decide not to book through a travel agent, you can still get a good idea of the last minute deals that are available and then set about booking your last minute travel plans independently. This is becoming more popular these days, so don't be intimidated by the thought of doing the last minute booking yourself.


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