How To Find Luxury Hotels in Comoros

The Union of the Comoros was once a colony of France until it got its independence in 1975. Although it was a colony of France, Comoros is still one of the poorest countries in the world. Traveling to the archipelago should be cheap and it is. But finding luxury hotels in here is definitely a challenge.

Most lodgings in Comoros are cheap and their limited amenities speak about the price. It’s easy to find a hotel with telephone line, a VCR, and television. Beyond these basic amenities would mean spending extra. But still, finding luxury hotels in Comoros is possible with these tips:

  • Select hotel from those located in Moroni. Being Comoros’s capital city and largest city, Moroni is expected to have the best of the archipelago. And yes, it sure owns few of the most beautiful hotels in the country, including the most popular luxury hotel called Le Galawa Beach Hotel.
  • Find a hotel located near the famous beaches. Being an archipelago, Comoros is expected to have a lot of beautiful beaches. It does and it offers more than just beaches. It has an abundant marine life to show, perfect for those who want to explore the sea. But since beaches is the most popular tourist spots of the country, also near the beaches that you can find some of the luxury hotels, like the one mentioned above.
  • Book for a luxurious travel to Comoros. If time is more precious than money, then let travel agents book everything for your travel. They sure know the most luxurious locations around the country. Besides visiting luxurious places, the agency will surely book you for the most luxurious hotel of Comoros.
  • Consider suggestions of fellow travelers. Search for Comoros hotel reviews on different travel guide websites like TravelPod and Virtual Tourist. People here have suggestions and warnings about reserving hotels in Comoros. Trust them because they’ve been there. They surely know what they are talking about.
  • Call the hotel first to ask about their amenities. Being luxurious is a very subjective description. Better call the hotel and ask about their amenities before reserving your room. They might call themselves a luxury hotel but for you, their amenities might not be that luxurious.
  • Consider staying in one of the top hotels in Comoros. Hotel Itsandra Sun, Hotel Caribou Mayotte, Hotel Le Relais de Singani, Hotel Les Arcades, and Le Galawa Beach Hotel and Casino are among the top hotels in Comoros. Some of them are not really considered as luxury hotels. But better look at their amenities. Perhaps they are offering just enough to make your Comoros stay comfortable.

Again, do not expect to get as luxurious hotels as the ones you can find in London, New York, or Paris. Comoros is a humble country with humble things to offer. After all, Comoros is not known for its luxurious hotels. Comoros is known for great hiking places, beaches, islets, scuba diving, history, and culture. Experience is more worthwhile compared to staying in a luxurious hotel, which you can better experience in other countries.


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