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Belt and money

Traveling in and out of the country is always a wonderful experience, particularly when it is for vacation and other leisure trips. Nevertheless, no matter how frequently you travel, there is always that element of risk. Security is of utmost importance particularly when you are on overseas trips. You want to travel light and you want to be able to go around and enjoy the sights. As a tourist, you always have to think of how to secure your cash and other personal items essential to your travel - your passport, photo ID, driver's license, traveler's checks, credit cards and debit cards, and plane tickets.

There are several ways to keep your valuables safe while traveling. Some are ingenuous ways devised by individuals. Manufacturers and even some frequent travelers have come up with creative holders to secure your valuables. One of these holders is a money belt.

As the name implies, it is something that you can wear like a belt, tied around your waist. One style is more commonly known as a money pouch. This is a larger flat bag, with adjustable ties on both ends and a clip, with one or two zippered compartments.

The other style is literally a belt, with a zippered compartment in the lining of the belt. This is more commonly made of leather or man-made materials like cloth, canvas, and leatherette. It even comes in casual, dressy, and even Western styles.

The money belt has about 14-inch to 24-inch zippered compartment (depending on the belt length and manufacturer) inside the belt, and about an inch wide. It can hold about twelve to thirty-two bills folded in half.

These items are made to make you feel more confident and at ease knowing that you can carry your valuables with you unobtrusively as you travel about.

  • You can find these items sold at Wal-Mart, Target, boutiques and department stores where travel bags, suitcases and other travel accessories are sold. The National Geographic online store carries these types of products. One item is a woven leather belt in cowhide with antiqued nickel buckle. Another is an imported belt in soft nubuck leather with silver plated solid brass buckle. They are a bit pricey at $48 but look very different from the classic plain belts.
  • Travel Essentials carry a variety of money belts and money pouches made of different materials. See their Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt in nylon webbing with a nylon buckle.
  • Rick Steves' Travel Store online carries a silk money belt as well as other secret travel pouches and accessories like luggage tags and locks.
  • Magellan's Travel Supplies carries a wide variety of items for travel including clothing, accessories, bags, luggage, insect repellents, alarm clocks, and a host of document organizers, wallets, money belts and passport holders in different styles and materials.
  • You can also check Beltoutlet. The store carries several brands of leather money belts from about $15 to $55. The products they sell here are of premium quality and price as they are branded. A Tilley's leather money belt costs $ 54.95. An Aquarius western money belt with a leaf emboss that comes with a silver or gold finish buckle sells for $24.95. This belt can hold from 19 to 32 folded bills.

Whatever style of money belt you choose, the most important consideration is that you feel at ease when you use it, you feel secure and you can move freely while you are enjoying your trip. Of course, you must not forget that you should still be aware of your general surroundings and be alert at all times especially in areas where people congregate. Have a safe travel!


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