How To Find Popular European River Travel Packages

If you like taking ocean cruises, go on a European River Cruise for a change.  River cruising in Europe immerses you in the rich history and culture of the European waterways.  It is a great way to travel inland and visit different regions and countries during the cruise.

Many European cities and towns are found along the waterways.  River cruising is a stress-free way of enjoying new breathtaking scenery every day.   Some ships travel at night so by morning, you can find yourself in a different country or region.

There are many European River travel packages on the web.  A quick search using your browser's search engine is all you have to do.  They offer different locations, durations, amenities and specials.  Some have big ships that can accommodate 300 people while others have smaller ships for a more intimate group.  Guided tours and excursions in the different cities and towns along the rivers are available from different river cruising companies.

Search the web for these four popular European River Travel Packages:

Rhine River Package - Some consider the Rhine River cruises the most popular among all European River travel packages.  Experiencing the legendary river Rhine starting from Amsterdam brings you to such places as Cologne in Germany, Strasbourg in France and Basel in Switzerland.  Most packages include city tours or city walks of historic places along the way including an excursion to Freiburg or "Black Forest" in Breisach.  You can even take a picture of the Lorelei rock as you sail along the Rhine Gorge.

Danube River Package - There are many different variations of the popular Danube River travel package.  The cruise starts at "The City of a Hundred Spires", Prague.  The Danube is the second largest river in Europe.  You travel from Nuremberg via the Main-Danube Canal all the way to the Continental Divide.  Some travel packages enter Austria, cruising to the wine region of Wachau.  Vienna and Budapest are also along this route.  There are 7-day tours as well as tours that last for almost a month bringing you to places like Croatia and Serbia.

Seine River Package - Paris is the starting point of the various Seine river packages.  Depending on the itinerary you choose, you can visit such places as Giverny, Vernon, Normandy, Rouen, Les Andelys, Conflans, Lyon and many more.  The options are endless.  Taking the Seine river cruises will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and history of the French.  Medieval cities, wineries, churches, museums and more are in store for you.

Dutch & Belgian Waterways - If you want to see windmills and tulips, exploring the waterways of Amsterdam is the right travel package for you.  Springtime is the best time to take this tour.  You will be in awe of the beautiful colors of the thousands upon thousands of tulips in bloom.  Visit the wonderful cities of Hoorn, Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and more.  Discover new cheeses and bring home some clogs while taking this breathtaking tour.

Many companies offer European River travel packages.  Most notable of these are:

Each cruise line has different itineraries, amenities, discounts and specials all geared to give river travels a grand old time.  From expertly guided shore tours and excursions, gourmet food, luxurious suites to world class on board entertainment, there's bound to be a European River travel package for you and your loved ones.  Next time you go on vacation, take a European River Cruise all the information is on the web!


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