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Imagine yourself visiting a foreign country. You are enjoying all the historical, cultural, and social amusements of the place. Suddenly, you feel tired and exhausted. Where do you go? Will you stay with one of your families or friends in that country? Will you take the risk of bothering them? Where will you stay then? Hotels are the answer to your questions. If you have no idea in finding the most suitable hotel for your needs and budget, you may consult any number of web sites that offer reviews on hotel lodging. The reviews will help you choose the best hotels in town. Ratings provided by the web site will also give you a good and clear picture on what kinds of hotel are available in a specific country.

Here are several web sites that provide reviews for the best hotels around the world:

1. TripAdvisor® Media Network.

You may find this company at This is one of the most popular and most searched hotel review and ratings sites. Trip Advisor is also one of the largest travel agencies, having an approximate twenty million monthly visitors. Here are the features of the Trip Advisor site:

  • It provides millions of true hotel lodging reviews from travelers themselves.
  • It covers numerous cities, hotels, restaurants, and attractions.
  • It features images of various hotels worldwide.
  • It offers access to leading travel companies (e.g., Orbitz)
  • It establishes connections with countries such as America, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, and Spain.

2. MiamBeach411.

This online travel company is located at This is the leading online travel company in Miami. In fact, it is Florida's main bilingual travel portal. Here are the features of MiamiBeach411:

  • It presents an approximate forty thousand hotel ratings and reviews.
  • It provides quick resources (forums, videos, links, and articles) for the best spots in Miami.
  • It features fast facts about the hotel lodgings in Miami.
  • It offers the latest news, technical support, and travel guides about Miami and adjacent cities for their clients.
  • It guides clients in researching and planning their travels.

3. Kenya Hotels Reviews.

This online travel resource can be found at Unlike the MiamiBeach411, this online resource provides more practical and pertinent data about Kenya's best hotel lodgings. Here are the features of this web site:

  • It gives information about hotels, holiday inns, and residential units, as well as guesthouses.
  • It provides easy access to reservations (e.g. resorts, motels, restaurants).
  • It offers travel guides on holiday trips (e.g. tour Kenyan national parks or wildlife safaris).
  • It features detailed information about accommodation options.
  • It generates advice from Kenya's travel agents, experts, and safari companies.

4.  Asia-hotels.

This web travel portal is located at It is also one of the first-rate hotel lodgings guide experts. This online company is expert in the field of hotel accommodations and reservation tips. Here are the other features of this site:

  • It provides services like online reservations.
  • It gives its clients more accommodations options with the help of its sister companies such as
  • It offers honest and independent reviews of hotels in terms of facilities, star rating, staff, and cleanliness.
  • It covers numerous destinations such as New Zealand, Taiwan, Macau, Pakistan, and Hong Kong.
  • It presents testimonials from previous customers.

It is up to you which website you will search, but keep traveling and enjoy the services offered by first-rate hotel lodgings around the world.


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