How To Find RV Rentals

Renting a recreational vehicle (RV) is a great way to take your family vacation. You can drive cross country and see the majesty of the USA in your portable mobile home. By renting an RV you can camp and explore with your family without spending a fortune on hotels or stuffing your family into a small vehicle for a long road trip. Follow these instructions to find RV rentals.

  1. Decide what size you need. Before renting an RV you need to know what size RV you will need. Start with the number of people you plan to travel with. You want to rent an RV big enough to accommodate your family yet small enough to be comfortable driving on the highway.
  2. Choose your destination. Before you start checking for RV rentals determine if you will be renting the RV at home for your trip or if you plan to fly to your destination then rent an RV, you will have different search goals. Make your decision based upon your ultimate destination for your vacation.
  3. Check local RV rental companies for local vacations. If you plan to drive from home, you may get your best deal from a local RV company. Check local repair shops and campsites for recommendations.
  4. Contact national RV rental companies. For a destination rental you may want to look for a known name in RVs instead of a local company you don’t know. Check companies such as Cruise America for available RVs near your destination.
  5. Try a Google search. When all else fails, consider a quick website search. Be careful with renting through companies you don’t know, especially in exotic locations. Be wary of deals that sound too good to be true. When using an RV rental service you have never heard of, get recommendations from previous travelers.
  6. Contact an RV club for private rentals. If you are a frequent RV traveler then you may get your best deal through a private rental. Most states have local RV clubs, gatherings of travelers who share stories and trip itineraries for the best routes to preferred locations. These clubs of campers know the open road and the best tools of the trade so contact a local club for contacts to rent a private owner’s RV for your vocation.

RV rentals are a great way to hit the open road for your family. With an RV rental you can enjoy family togetherness even when on a strict budget.


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