How To Find the Best Souvenirs in Hawaii

The island of Hawaii is always a favorite destination among tourists. With its glorious beaches, amazing weather and delightful culture, it is no wonder why plenty of people travel here to get away and relax. Your vacation might be short and sweet but make sure to find time to look around and shop so that you will have something from the island you can bring home to your family and loved ones.

  • Flea Markets. The island has a lot of flea markets that serve as one-stop shops for all your souvenir-shopping needs. You will be amazed at the variety of items these places have to offer—from T-shirts to handmade crafts down to local food products. Some of them are The International Marketplace,  Maunakea Marketplace and the largest one, The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet and Marketplace where there are over 700 stores to choose from. These places are quite large so make sure you have lots of shopping time on your hands. They also have different business hours. The Aloha Stadium, for example, only opens 3 days a week—Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday so knowing their hours of operation will save you time. Except for the Aloha Stadium’s $1-admission fee (for adults and kids over 11 years old), most flea markets are open to the public. It is important to bring cash with you as most vendors prefer cash basis as mode of payment. These places will be mostly packed with other tourists so it’s best to leave your valuables at the hotel and come early to avoid the crowd.
  • Shopping Centers. If bargain-hunting at flea markets is not your thing and is looking for a more upscale place to shop, Hawaii also has a lot of commercial centers to choose from. To name a few, there is Ala Moana Shopping Center, which is the largest shopping mall in the island, Kahala Mall and the King Kalakua Plaza. Although these centers mostly house major, international stores such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Prada, they do have specialty kiosks that you can check out for island-inspired souvenirs. Expect prices to be a little expensive though but they do accept credit cards so you can leave your cash behind.
  • Antique Shops and Galleries. If you wish to bring home authentic Hawaiian art pieces, there are also a ton of antique shops and art galleries that you can visit. For starters, there is Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry Factory and Museum, where you can buy local jewelry; The Kahakii Gallery for contemporary works of Hawaiian artists and; the Nohea Gallery which showcases works of the island’s painters, wood sculptors, jewelers and glass artists. However, because most of these art pieces are fragile, opt to have them shipped to avoid damage.

The beautiful island of Hawaii has plenty of things to offer that’s why there are many tourists who keep coming back. If it’s your first time in the island though, make sure to make every moment count and one way of achieving this is by finding a souvenir that will help keep the memories of your great Hawaiian vacation last. Happy shopping!


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