How To Find the Best Vacation Packages

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When planning your next vacation, you've got a lot of options available to you from several different sources. To be sure that you find the best vacation packages for you and your family, follow this guide.

Step 1

Book last minute. When you decide to book a vacation package, hold out for last minute deals if you can. Rates for vacation packages usually drop considerably as the actual travel date approaches. If your budget is limited, last minute deals may open up a few opportunities for destinations to visit that were out of reach before. As well, if you're flexible with your destination (as some destinations will sell out), you can find the best and cheapest vacation packages just by doing some searching online. Find the best travel deals by booking a trip from the ‘Last Minute Deals' section. Find these great deals on travel websites like and

Step 2

Keep your eyes open. You can also save money and find a great vacation package by taking advantage of special offers. Often, travel websites, travel agencies and even travel destinations (especially Disney) will let you know about their best vacation packages through the media. So pay attention to television commercials, newspaper articles and radio ads that boast of the savings you'll get with such vacation packages.

Step 3

Talk to a travel agent. If you're looking for a more unique vacation package, you may want to book through a travel agent. She will be able to arrange every aspect of your travel abroad, and you won't have any of the hassles of finding the best vacation package. Tell her where you want to do, what your budget is, and let her do the rest. It's a fail-proof way of finding the best vacation package that will meet your needs to a T.

Step 4

Take advantage of your traveler's discounts. If you are a member of AAA, you have the privilege of getting great deals on vacation packages. Contact AAA's travel department and talk to a representative about booking a vacation package. When you factor in the discount you'll receive because of your AAA membership, you may just find the best vacation package is also the cheapest one through your AAA agent.

Step 5

Read reviews. If money isn't as much of a concern to you as having a good time during your vacation, you may want to put more thought into past traveler experiences when searching for the best vacation packages. Visit and search for traveler reviews for your intended destination. People will often comment on overall value, food, service and satisfaction. Choose the best vacation package for you by considering what someone else thought to be the best vacation package for them.

Step 6

Ask around. If you're still not sure where you want to travel or what kind of a vacation package you're looking for, talk to family and friends who have already been through it. Ask for hotel and resort recommendations, discuss what extra activities or features were included in the vacation package they purchased, and ask if they'd go back to that same destination. You might be able to save yourself a big decision about where to go if you can simply book the same vacation package that a loved one did. You have the peace of mind of a strong referral for that destination, so you'll be able to book the vacation package confidently.  


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