How To Get a Passport in 24 Hours

Sometimes, there are instances when you suddenly need to travel. And if you don't have a passport, it can certainly dampen one's plans. Good thing it is not exactly impossible to get a passport in a span of 24 hours. Yes, you heard that right. If you play your cards right, you can be able to get that passport in a day, and you can travel as soon as you want to. Below are tips on how to achieve this.

  • Enlist an agency. Naturally, it would be best to enlist the help of a travel agency that knows how to process passport applications by heart. By enlisting this kind of agency, you won't have to worry about which step to take next. All you really need to do is contact the agency or company, and have them process your application quickly. Since you would like to spare yourself the extra hours of legwork, looking for such an agency online would be the quickest way. Be careful, though, there are a lot of scammers on the web, and you need to be sure that you are enlisting the help of an accredited and well-known agency. Of course, since you're going to speed up the process of your application, you will have to pay a certain fee, which could be expensive. So it really pays to be sure that you are not dealing with crooks. To be sure, you can check the Better Business Bureau and find records of the company. If you find any complaints directed towards this company, then it is best to find another one.
  • Get your documents in order. Make sure you have everything you need to be able to apply for a passport. You will need, naturally, proof of identification. Sometimes, you need more than one. Make sure that you have these ready. You must also prepare documents that provide proof that you are currently a citizen of the USA. These can be verified via your birth certificate, driver's license, and other similar documents. You must also prepare your credit card so you can be able to pay the fee online and without hassle.
  • Download the application form. There should be a link on the website stating that you should download the application form. Do this, and fill up the form accurately. Before clicking 'submit' make sure that you have filled up all the necessary items. Double check your entries so you will not encounter any complications. Once you are satisfied with your application, send the form to the agency. Make sure that you ask the agency specifically to process your passport application within 24 hours. It is best if you remind your contact of this so you will not waste your time waiting around for nothing.
  • Track your application's progress. Since everything will be done online, you must be able to track the progress of your application. Check for the tracking information of your account, so you may be able to ask and monitor whether your application is moving at the rate you wish it to go. Even before you send your application, make sure that you ask your contact from the company what time you can expect your passport. This will allow you to estimate when you will be receiving your passport, and hence, follow it up if it doesn't come on time. Again, be prepared to pay extra fees for this.

If you are really planning to get a passport in 24 hours, you have to understand that the speed of the process will entail that you shell out extra bucks. To prevent this, and to save money, plan ahead, and prepare your passport in advance, even if you don't have concrete plans to travel yet.


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