How To Get a Private Tour Guide

Have you traveled around the world? Do you like adventure? Do you travel a lot? Have you been to Italy, India or Europe? It's so nice to go on a vacation, see a lot of places, collect memories, memorabilia, meet new faces and make new friends.

With each travel comes packing your things, flight bookings, arrangements for hotel accommodation, and your itinerary. If you are new in a place, you have a lot of sites that you might want to see. This is where a tour guide comes in. Often there are packages offering guided group tours. This is okay but by joining these guided tours you limit yourself to places where the tour guide will take you. It is much nicer to go to other unexplored places. By doing so you won't feel that you are just a tourist in the place but feel how it is to be a local. If this is what you want then a private tour guide is what you need. A private tour guide is usually a local of the country you go to. He knows the language, secret local places and local secrets. He will make you feel that you are one of them and that you belong.

To get a private tour guide, you have to ask around when you get to a place. Usually the hotel personnel could help you find one. Ask for referrals. When you find one, ask him to design a personalized tour for you that could include tours in art galleries, museums, historical spots, restaurants, amusement parks and some other places not frequently visited by tourists. Often you could learn a lot from your private tour guide. While going around with him, he can teach you the basics in their language, some traditions and customs. He can also bring you to places seldom visited by tourists where you can buy authentic and unique gifts for the people you left at home.

Your private tour guide can answer all your questions not like a tourist guide because the knowledge of a tourist guide is just based on a book he read about that particular place. Your private tour guide can offer more than just a tour. He can take you to some secret and important places that make every country special. Cost wise, a private tour guide is not that expensive. Usually what is important to him is the satisfaction and enjoyment he can give to a new comer to his country. Most often he ends up friends with the one who has asked for his services.

Getting a private tour guide will give you the satisfaction of a worthwhile travel. He not only gives you an unforgettable tour but also leaves a very meaningful experience after seeing various sites. There is no travel worth remembering than a well guided tour that includes learning the language, mingling with locals, seeing secret places, learning local secrets and having a new friend. All these you can get from the private tour guide you'll have on your next travel adventure.


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