How To Get Cheap Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets in 2009

Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park and movie studio in Los Angeles California. It’s called “The Entertainment Capital of LA” and “The Coolest Place in LA”. This is a popular place for tourists to visit as well as people near the area.  If you’re planning to go to Universal Studios in Hollywood, one of the most important things you need to prepare is your ticket. You can buy the ticket at the Universal Studio entrance. However, it will save you time and energy if you already have your ticket when you go there.  If you already have your ticket you can come inside immediately and don’t need to fall in line with all the people getting their tickets. There are several ways on how to get a Universal Studios ticket for your tour.

If you want to get cheap Universal Studios Hollywood tickets, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the website of Universal Studios Hollywood at There is a promo on the site where you can buy a ticket and you’ll have a free entrance for another day. What’s even better is that you can use the second day free anytime of the year. This means that your next visit will be free. If you are going to visit Universal Studios with your family, you will have great discount because all of your second visits will be free of charge.
  • Local subways are giving away coupons which give you up to $18 discount on the Universal Studios Hollywood ticket. There’s no need to purchase any items to get these coupons. If you don’t have your tickets yet and you’re planning to buy these on the entrance of Universal Studios, stop by the subway near Universal Studios so you can get the coupons for discount.
  • There are a lot of promos online which allows you to visit places like Universal Studios for a low price. You can access the Internet and search for Universal Studios Hollywood tour promo. There are promos good for one day and other promos for a few days and has other destinations aside from Universal Studios Hollywood. There are also packages for individual and for groups. The price is usually cheaper if you go in large group. You may want to ask your friends or families to go with you and have fun.
  • If you plan to visit other places aside from Universal Studios, you can buy a CityPass. This is more than half of the Universal Studios ticket price but this will also serve as your admission to other tourist destinations in Hollywood so this is still cheaper compared to buying tickets to each destination. If you want to purchase a CityPass, you can visit their website at
  • There are also coupons being given away on hotels which give you discount on Universal Studios tickets. These are usually on the front desk. Make sure to get a coupon

Tickets are non-transferable so make sure to buy your own ticket and do not buy tickets that have already been used. Check on the Universal Studio website for information on what you can do when you visit the place to make the most out of your Universal Studio tour.


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