How To Get Free Miles for Four Major US Airlines

There are various ways to earn miles. One way is through credit card programs where you can get miles every time you make a purchase. You can use your free miles on the 4 primary United States airlines. You can have limitless free miles for US Airways, Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Continental Airlines. You can earn free miles even you are at home. Below are steps and guides to help you get your free miles in the mentioned four major US airlines.

Gather websites where you can get free miles. Below are websites where you can get free miles and their corresponding information. Register in these sites and create a separate e-mail address for each website so you can avoid spam.

  • e-miles. It is an online program or website where you can get exclusive rewards for responding and reading online marketing messages that are based on personal choices. The marketing messages are followed by a fast 3 to 4 easy survey questions. “Miles for minutes” is the motto of e-miles, which depicts the service they provide.      
  • Visit Sign-up for your free account and register the flyer program where you want to have free miles. They have offers and surveys but there is no need to sign-up. Each survey or offer is worth 5+ miles. Every 500 miles that are accumulated in your account are instantaneously deposited in your preferred frequent flyer account.   
  • United Airlines Mileage Plus Mall.  You can earn frequent flyers miles through the program of the airlines. If you are shopping, the “mall” will let you click your favorite shops where you can earn 12 miles every dollar. There are other special promos like bonus miles and free shipping through United Airlines Mileage Plus Mall.
  • e-rewards. You will get a currency award after you have completed a 5 to 30 minutes online survey. You can spend the “dollars” in different rewards that includes frequent flyer miles that you can use in the four major US airlines. Carefully craft your profile so you will only received surveys that suit your interests and situation. Visit for more information.
  • Delta Airlines Skymiles Shopping.  This website is similar to United Airlines Mileage Plus Mall because they have a similar concept on how to earn miles in each dollar that you will spend during your online shopping. Visit for further information.
  • American Airlines AAdvantage Shopping. This website is similar to Delta Airlines Skymiles Shopping and United Airlines Mileage Plus Mall. Visit for further information. 

Select 1 to 3 programs or websites to easily track your frequent flyer miles that will help you get your rewards. Use these programs to update your activities so your account will not expire even if you cannot fly immediately. Ensure that you can maintain the 3 programs that you will choose.

The miles that you will earn in the above programs cannot be changed for special incentives or tiers. Learn the terms and conditions of your preferred airline so can determine your incentives. 


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