How To Get Free Travel Directions for a Road Trip

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If “have car, will travel” is your motto, then it is vital that you’re aware of how to plan your road trip in advance and have a detailed itinerary drawn-up before you even leave home! Travel directions are a crucial part of any trip planning, and discussed here are some ways in which you can get free travel directions for your road trip.

Triple-A (American Automobile Association)

Every state in the US is covered by AAA through any of its association chapters which are categorized by region. In addition to roadside assistance, insurance, emergency repairs, etc, the AAA also provides detailed route maps and directions on the quickest or simplest routes to get from Point A to Point B. You can get this information by calling the designated toll-free number or log on to the AAA website, key in the zip code of your location/city and you will be directed to the specific AAA site for that region.

Getting a route map online is as simple as keying in your current and selected destinations! Additionally, AAA also publishes detailed travel guides (TourBooks&TripTiks) wherein you get verified and approved information on accommodation, food, events, alternate travel methods, etc.


Just log on to to get directions and maps to just about any destination, not only in the US, but also the rest of the world! The MapQuest application can also be downloaded on any smart phone or other wireless device. Some of the services offered by MapQuest include maps, routes and directions, gas station locations where motorists can get cheap fuel and full-fledged Yellow Pages for the chosen destination.

Google Maps

Now, everyone is definitely familiar with this Google service! You can find all the information you need for your road trip by logging on to The application can also be downloaded on to your mobile phone, doing away with the necessity of paper maps.

Other services

There are hundreds of websites devoted to providing not only travel directions, but also helpful tools such as itinerary planners, local must-see attractions, accommodation and eating out options to suit every pocket and much more. Apart from the three direction services described above, check out Yahoo! Trip Planner, Rand McNally, Bing Maps, to name a few, from among the multitude of resources available on the Internet.

Having planned out your trip in thorough detail, including routes, directions and whatever else you may need, just pack your bags, hop into your car and go!


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