How to Get Last Minute Hotel Deals

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Did you know, in 2018, around 4.5 billion passengers took 45 million flights around the world? 

Do you want to learn how to get last minute hotel deals for your trip? Not to worry! In this guide, we'll go over how to find same-day hotel finds.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

Sign up to Reward Programs 

If you're looking for deals, sign up for a booking or hotel website reward program. You could get significant savings on your reservation. Research the hotels you're interested in and find out if they have a program. 

If you're worried about clogging your email with offers, don't worry. You can use it for your one-time booking and then unsubscribe from emails afterward. 

Get a Hotel Credit Card or Use Airline Miles

A simple way to save money on travel is by getting a credit card with a huge points bonus. There are plenty of credit card companies competing for people's business.

This is why they offer massive point bonuses for those who hit a specific spending budget. You can reach this by using it for everyday purchases.

If you have airline miles, use those to buy your hotel room. These points count toward more than flights. 

Get Membership Discounts on Hotels

If you're part of a specific group or program, you can get good discounts for your last minute hotel stay. Type in your membership when you book online. If you have AAA, you'll get a discounted rate. 

Research Coupon Codes

If you have already found a low rate for your hotel room, don't stop there. Search for a coupon for that particular booking site or hotel chain. Make sure you filter out expired coupons when searching. 

Book with a Business Hotel

If you're traveling during the weekend, consider checking in at a business hotel. These hotels will often have a cheaper rate for the weekend because they don't have as many guests. 

Ask the Hotel for Deals 

Sometimes, a hotel might have an offer you didn't know was available. Don't forget to call or email the hotel you'd like to stay at and ask them about deals.

If they don't have a lower rate, they might try and offer you an upgrade or free breakfast. 

Book During the Cancellation Period 

Don't book your room right away but instead wait until the last minute. You might get a better rate. Hotel cancellations tend to fall between one or two days in advance. After, the rooms might become available at a lower price.

Stay at a New Hotel

Newer properties may offer competitive rates because they're looking to build their business. You might also get a free upgrade or extra amenities. Call around and find the best rate possible.

How to Get Last Minute Hotel Deals

We hope you found this guide on finding last minute deals helpful. Now that you know how to get last minute hotel deals remember to sign up for rewards.

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