How To Get the Best Airfares on Ryanair

Are you traveling in and around Europe? One of the best options for you is to book a flight at Ryanair, which is Europe's largest low-cost airline. Here are some of the ways for you to get the best airfares on Ryanair:

Know what to expect. First of all, know that Ryanair is a no-frills airline; in fact, it has undertaken several measures to cut down on costs so that it could provide cheaper airfare for its customers. For example, it has non-reclining seats, no back-pockets on its seats, and even lousy customer services, as many passengers report.

Know also that Ryanair usually lands on secondary airports, which in some cases may be a little farther away from the capital. In addition, there are usually no offered connecting flights.  However, if you're really just looking for low-cost airfare to safely get you to your destination, then Ryanair would be one of your best choices.

Book direct. Do know that not many travel agencies will book you on Ryanair; that's because Ryanair doesn't offer commissions to travel agents.

Visit To book flights, you could call their offices at 011-353-1-249-7791 if you're calling from the United States. You could also book via their website, Navigate through their website to find the flights and dates that you need.

Book your flights in advance. To get the best rates, you'd have to book far in advance, as in 4 months beforehand, ideally. You should also opt to fly during the middle of the week, such as on Tuesdays to Thursdays.

Take advantage of their promos. Apart from their inexpensive regular flights, Ryanair also offers seasonal promos on specific flights. Just recently, for example, they offered flights to cities such as Dublin, Berlin, Belfast and Milan (Bergamo) for £9 ($13), plus additional fees. To be one of the first to know of new promos, you could register to be informed via email. Click here to access this page. Do know that you'd have to act very fast to take advantage of these promos, as available seats tend to sell like hotcakes.

Know how to avoid additional fees. Though the flight rates are very cheap, you should learn of some additional fees that you might be charged with and how to avoid them, so you could truly keep your expenses at a minimum.

One of these is pre-booking your baggage. If you do this, you'd be charged only £15 ($22) for the first suitcase and £35 ($51) for the second suitcase. If you don't pre-book your luggage, however, you'd be charged £35 for the first suitcase and £70 ($102) for the second.

You should also remember that each person is only allowed 15 kg of carry-on luggage. Remember to keep your items at a minimum, and weigh in your bags yourself at home to make sure it is within the allowable limit. Otherwise you can expect to be charged with hefty fees.

Another way to avoid extra charges is by checking-in online. Part of the procedures before you can board your flight is to check in. If you check in online (from 15 days to 4 hours before your flight), you'd be charged just £5 ($7.25). If you forget and have to check yourself in at the airport, however, you'd have to pay £40 ($58). Also know that there are some promos wherein the check-in fee is waived; be sure that you verify this first.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways that you can score the best airfares on Ryanair. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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