How To Get the Best Rates in International Shipping

Carrying a shipping box

How do you keep the communication stronger with loved ones who live in far away countries? If you have family members of friends who are situated in other countries, and you have to ship important documents or gifts for them, how will you do it? How will you make sure that your package will be in good hands? The answer to your questions is an international shipping company. Your chosen shipping company will be the ones who are in charge of the shipping process. You only have to sit and to relax inside the comforts of your home while your packages are being delivered. So, how will you obtain the best rates from an international shipping company? Here are some websites that may help you get the cheapest rates for international shipping:

  1. Freight Rate. This site offers its clients with sufficient data about freight pricing. They provide an honest quote of national shipping companies. The site will help you deal with your shipping needs and processes. They provide online services thus you do not need to visit offices and waste time to wait in line. Moreover, this company has connections to numerous shipping companies thus it also offers its clients with the cheapest shipping rates. You and your business will profit from Freight Rate through: (a) controlling the cost of air freight rates; (b) transmitting bills faster; (c) using shipping technologies; (d) reducing the need for more office staff; (e) lessening international freight rates; and (f) providing a wide coverage quote in one sitting. Unlike other shipping companies, Freight Rate is flexible to switch from national shipping to international and vice versa. It also offers delivery services. Here are the services provided by the Freight Rate: container shipping, international freight forwarding, as well as expedited services.
  2. Go Packaging Store. This site offers a high quality packaging system for its clients. Its main purpose is the shipping of moving boxes. They are also related to some shipping partners in other countries, making the shipping system faster than ever. Aside from providing a cheaper rate for its clients, it also offers franchising. Other services offered by this site are as follows: crating, freight shipping, custom and on-site packaging, foaming, and auction, moving service, containers delivery, residential and commercial shipping, transit insurance and pickup. Detailed discussion of each terms, regulations and services could be read from their web site.
  3. FedEx. They provide faster and safer delivery. Compared with other shipping companies, they offer different kinds of delivery such as “next-business-day” and “same-day” delivery. Like other shipping companies, they offer affordable shipping rates for their clients. Their rates vary according to the material delivered, the destination and the rates in that country. FedEx has been a part of the federation for shipping companies and has existed in the business years ago, gaining its name and reputation for superior and internationally acclaimed services.

Check those sites and get the best rates for international shipping.


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