How To Install an Electric Anchor Winch

Manually raising an anchor requires much effort. Aside from this, you can develop aching muscles or back pains if you exert too much effort trying to raise something that is heavy. A solution to this is to use an electric anchor winch. The electric anchor winch allows you to raise the anchor quickly and easily. If you have knowledge in building and installation of boat mechanisms, installing an electric anchor winch will be easy for you. Learning this will not only bring you more convenience in your boating, it will also give you the benefit of lessened expenses.

Here are the steps that you can follow if you want to install an electric anchor winch on your boat:

  • Purchase electric anchor winch. Purchase an electric anchor winch from a local boating or sporting goods store. You can also check online on the website They have plenty to choose from. If you want to compare brands and models, you can go to the website You can contact different suppliers of electric anchor winches.
  • Choose a location. Check your boat and choose a location where you want to install the electric anchor wench. When choosing a location, make sure that the electric anchor winch will be able to do its work without any obstructions. You can familiarize yourself with the parts of the mechanism so that you can choose the best location. Read the manual first before you start doing anything.
  • Deck roller. The first thing you have to install is the deck roller. Mount it on the location that you have chosen. There are bolts that come with the electric anchor winch so it is easy to mount it in place. Set up the winch and align it on the deck roller. Secure the winch with bolts too. Tighten up the bolts so that the mounted deck roller will not move from its place while you are lowering or raising the anchor.
  • Install anchor switch. The next step is to install the anchor switch. The anchor switch consists of two cables that are used in lowering and raising the anchor. Connect these wires to the poles on the anchor switch. Use a wire on the ground and run it on the side of the switch. Test the anchor switch to see if it works properly. You can follow the instructions on the manual that came with the electric anchor winch to help you with the installation process.

That is all you need to know if you want to install an electric anchor winch on your boat. Now that you have the electric anchor winch, you do not have to raise and lower the anchor manually. This requires minimal effort so you can have more energy doing something else. This will make it easier for you to work on the anchor. Make sure that your electric anchor winch is installed properly and that there are no hindrances so that it can work smoothly without destroying anything on the boat.


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