How To Join a Senior Travel Group

When you reach retirement age, one of the things you can look forward to is the leisure time to travel and explore the world. Seniors account for a good percentage of tourists since they have both the time and money to spend for vacations. One option to consider when planning a trip is to join a senior travel group.

A senior travel group is a great way to go on vacation. You already have a gathering of people who share your similar interests and are of the same age group as you are. You have an instant circle of friends while on a trip, which is great, especially if you need someone to take your picture for you. You can also avail of discounted rates while on the trip which is an added plus. It can add a new dimension of fun during your travels.

If you’re interested, here’s how to join a senior travel group.

  • Talk to your travel agent. Your travel agent can help you find a senior group you can join. There are even some packages catered specifically to seniors, such as cruises to Mexico or an adventurous trip on Safari. Some tour packages even specify if you’re a single senior looking for someone to meet or if you’re with your spouse or special someone looking to socialize with others.
  • Check online. If you’re not computer savy, don’t worry. It’s easy to navigate the Internet to find what you are looking for. If you make a Google search and type in “Senior Travel Group”. You’ll come up with a list of groups you can join. Click on the links and read the information provided. Some sites you can try are and Be sure to read the fine print before you sign up with a particular travel group.
  • Check with your Senior Center. If you live in a senior home, check with the recreations director and see if there are any organized trips for seniors that you can participate in. if there’s none in your specific home or center, you can ask to be referred to a center that does.
  • Check with the AARP. The AARP is a national organization for senior citizens. Check with your local chapter and see what is available. If you subscribe to the magazine, check the ads and resources in the back and see if there’s something that interests you.
  • Organize your own. If you can’t find a group that you would like to join, why not form your own? If you know other seniors who are ready, willing and able to travel, contact them and plan your trips together. This way, you control the membership so you know that you instantly can get along with everyone. When you form your group, meet up and discuss where you would all like to go, how long you want the trip to last and how much you can each spend. Consider if there are any activities you would like to do. Once you have narrowed down your choices, have your travel agent assist you with your options.

Weigh your options before joining a senior travel group. Some people prefer to get away from it all, even other people, whereas some seniors prefer the comfort of having friends on the trip. If you decide to join one, you’re sure to have a grand time!


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