How To Keep Entertained on Road Trips

Taking a road trip can be very fun, whether you are taking a day trip or having a cross-country adventure. The only problem can be how to keep the fun spirit while on the open road.

The most simple way to make sure all the people in your party are entertained on road trips is to plan a great mix on CD or your mp3 player. To keep the energy up, you want to aim for an even mix that includes the tastes of everybody going along. Ask around to get tips from everybody who is going. There's no way to bring a mood down faster for someone than constantly hearing the music that others prefer over their own.

Another great way to keep entertained on road trips is to play classic games and a few new ones or of your off-the-cuff imagination. Make sure there's a notepad handy in the glove compartment. Write down each state that you see a license plate for. For every tenth one that's found, the winner gets a prize. The prize could be simply being able to choose the next place to stop and dine or what hotel to crash in for the night. Alternately, grab a few simple prizes to keep on hand to actually give out for the games. If you're going to take that route, gift cards work best because few people want additional items in their luggage on a road trip.

Another great road trip game to play is "Name That Tune." One person in the car simply hums the opening to a song, then the rest take turn guessing it. The first one to guess goes next. It continues in that manner.

Adapt some other well-known games to the car. The game of colors can be a bit puzzling in the car because locales would be passed too quickly, but you can limit to only items within the car. Play "Hangman" in the car. While the driver won't ever be able to be the one who does the writing and score keeping, he can take his turn at guessing letters and phrases.

Keep a snack stash in the car for the entertainment of your passengers on a road trip. While the driver may not be able to munch during highway driving, it's a must if young children are in the car. Try to choose things that don't need utensils. You also want to keep things that won't make a mess in your car. You'll also want to keep a plastic bag in the car for the disposal of trash.

If you start to feel drowsy on the road, grab some coffee and keep yourself entertained on road trips by starting a car sing-along.


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