How To Know When to Book Ski Holiday Packages

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If you spend your time in the concrete jungles of the city, a ski trip would definitely be one top vacation of choice for you. So if you’re looking to find out the best time to book ski holiday packages, here are some tips:

  1. The main rule for planning a skiing (or for that matter, any) vacation: plan ahead. This would help you get the best deals, since you will have the time to compare between different ski resorts and ski packages: more often than not, this would mean a difference of hundreds of dollars. Planning ahead will give you peace of mind – one element of a truly relaxing vacation. Planning ahead means you need to book your ski vacation around 6 months before your projected date. It’s also recommended that you make your bookings online, as many ski resorts offer reduced rates through this venue. At the ski resort website, look for offered seasons passes which give highly reduced rates on fees for lift tickets and accommodations. These season passes are usually offered months before they could be redeemed.
  2. Know when the off-peak seasons are for the specific location you’re aiming for. This is specially a great tip for two specific reasons: if you are a newbie at skiing and you would be able to practice better if there were less skiers around, and if you are on a budget and you would like to enjoy less rates and expenses (who wouldn’t?). In Europe, for example, the off-peak seasons are from January to March. Other specific times where there are typically less people and higher discounts include the middle of the working week, and early and late-season bookings. The peak skiing seasons, when rates are usually the most expensive and when there are lots of people around, are during the Christmas and New Year holidays.
  3. If you already have a shortlist of holiday resorts or skiing locations that you are most interested in going to, look up their website to see if they have ski packages and holiday deals being offered, and when. Check out the ski association’s web site of that particular area as well to see the rates of the different ski resorts; just be open-minded about changing your skiing destination (maybe you could opt for smaller and lower-profile ski resorts), if that would mean you getting better rates and discounts.
  4. You could go the other extreme by taking advantage of superb holiday deals offered by holiday resorts during the peak seasons. This is usually a special promotion offered by upstart ski resorts to encourage more customers to choose their place; some would offer family holiday promos, or student packages. Do know, however, that these types of offers are usually offered way in advance and are booked very fast, and so keep an eye open for such deals. You could sign up for email alerts from different ski resorts to let you know if they are offering special discounts for certain occasions.

You could also sign up for email alerts from airlines to let you know if they have special holiday flights discounts coming up. Again, know that this would mean you would have to book way in advance.

To further help you with your searches, you could check out websites such as, and that are websites dedicated to helping you look for the best existing deals on skiing holidays and vacations. Have fun, and good luck!


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