How To Know Whether You Need Travel Insurance

If you're planning a trip out of the country, you'll have quite a bit of your own money invested in the getaway. But don't discount the importance purchasing travel insurance as well, even though it may cost you a few extra dollars. You can purchase several different type of travel insurance, including medical insurance, trip cancellation insurance, and medical evacuation coverage. Travel insurance is a great investment that brings you peace of mind throughout your travels, but you don't always need it.  Here are a few things to consider to help you determine whether you need travel insurance.

Step 1

In most cases, you'll need medical coverage. Unless you're driving within the country, you should seriously consider getting medical insurance for yourself and your family while you're away. In the unlikely event that you're faced with a medical emergency abroad, not having medical insurance leaves you faced with paying the full cost of all the medical services required at a foreign hospital. For a few extra dollars a day, you can have the peace of mind that whatever ailments or accidents come upon your family while you're travelling will be covered under this type of travel insurance.

Step 2

Consider emergency medical evacuation insurance. If you are travelling with someone in a frail medical state, or if you're travelling to a location where there is the possibility of incurring pain or bodily injury, consider travel insurance that covers these needs. In the event that you are hurt and need to see a doctor with skills beyond those in the local foreign clinic, emergency medical evacuation insurance will pay to have the traveler transported to the nearest best-care facility. When your life is in the balance, this type of travel insurance is crucial. (Some medical coverage plans include medical evacuation coverage, so consult your medical insurance before buying separate evacuation insurance.)

Step 3

The further away you book your trip, the more you should consider trip cancellation insurance. Another travel insurance that you should consider when planning a vacation is trip cancellation insurance. If you book last minute, then your plans likely won't change within the next few days. But if you book your trip several months in advance, you never know what will come up between then and your trip. Unexpected things like family emergencies cannot be planned for, so having trip cancellation insurance allows you to get your money back in the event that you need to cancel your trip. If you don't have this type of travel insurance, your travel provider has the right to retain all of the money you paid for the trip. Don't get caught up in the fine print by ensuring you purchase trip cancellation insurance for trips that are a few months down the road.

If you know that you need at least some type of travel insurance, you can shop around online for the best deals. Visit, and All of these sites offer comprehensive travel insurance plans that will give you peace of mind while you travel.


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