How To Locate the Nearest Train Station

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Lost in translation or lost in a train station? Either way, you need not worry very much because there are many ways that you can locate the nearest train station, wherever you may be. For one thing, these trains all over the world have pretty much the same features and operate on the same principles.

You can't train hotels to give you always a blow-by-blow account of the different train service functions, much less guide you to a near station. Although most hotel staff will be more than willing to help you out with their famous customer hospitality, it’s still best to be able to figure things out on your own, especially when the time comes that you have to flee on foot and embark on your journey. You won't always have a local to help you figure out the nearest directions to the train railways. Unless you have another travel station option, you will have to manually check the nearest train station, and here's how to achieve this.

  1. Find main highways first and work from there. Often, trains are constructed in areas near the main traffic or roads. So if you are near a major highway, most likely, a train is not that far off. This is the most manual of all the steps that you can do to be able to locate a train station. However, this is a bit risky because you might find yourself in an expressway with no trains in sight for long distances. Stick to the main highways and major intersections and you will most likely find what you are looking for. 
  2. Get a recent map or travel guide. Just to be safe, look for a travel guide or road map that can help you find the train stations in your area of interest. The good thing about trains is that they have, more or less, a timeless quality in them. You will not find train station names changing over time or at whim. So you will be able to find them if you look them up in a map.
  3. Ask the locals for directions. It's easy to just find the train station in theory from different websites if you are already online. But if you were already on foot and on the area itself it would still be to your advantage if you could speak their language and politely ask for directions.
  4. Call the train railways hotline. If you happen to know the name of the train railways, you can look up their hotline number in a directory and be able to ask for assistance.
  5. Consult with hotel personnel. If you are staying in your hotel and unsure of what exactly to look for, hotel personnel can also help you find the nearby train station.
  6. Use resources such as Google maps. If you like to take things theoretically but visually, you can proceed by checking out satellite images of the area you are looking for and find the train station manually. The only catch to this is that you will most likely only find the top portion and in some satellite images, there are few labels to help identify what station you are already clicking on.


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