How To Maintain your Sailboat Hull

It is vital for the sailboat hull, also known as the boat’s body, to undergo regular maintenance. A properly maintained sailboat hull can’t be easily accessed by water. Maintenance also promotes longer life of your sailboat. If you don’t give it tender love and care, then you might have to replace your sailboat hull earlier than expected, which can be very expensive. You can hire a professional repair-person. You can also learn how to maintain the sailboat hull yourself to save money while learning something new. Below are guides on how to maintain your sailboat hull:

  • Hire a respectable bottom-cleaning service provider. Find a reputable company if you’re unsure of what to do. Ask references from peers. Through experience, you’ll master the skills needed in maintaining a sailboat hull.
  • Store your sailboat at the seashore if it’s not in use. Ocean water is corrosive. There are also various sea creatures that may live on the bottom of your sailboat hull if it is left in the water for a long time.
  • Paint your sailboat hull. The bottom paint of your sailboat’s hull can poison fishes if it contains tyributyltin (TBT). Use a protective marine bottom paint and ensure that it doesn’t contain TBT.
  • Wax your sailboat hull. Use a first-class marine cleaning solution first before applying a first-class liquid cream wax. The wax will protect your hull from ultraviolet rays and saltwater. Waxing the sailboat hull prevents dragging in water, which can translate to less fuel consumption. Experts agree that carnauba wax is the best because they have natural protective ingredients. Their wax properties will expand if exposed to water. It is also effective in diffusing ultraviolet rays. The natural attributes will also protect your boat from oxidation, which will help your boat achieve a splendid brilliance for an entire year. Wax your sailboat hull twice a year if needed.
  • Rinse your hull immediately after sailing. Use fresh water. It will clean the hull’s surface from salt buildup. Use a hose with little pressure to achieve optimal results. It’s fine to pour buckets of water and use a soft brush to remove dirt, dust, and corrosion.
  • Sand and repaint your sailboat once a year. Haul your sailboat and sand its bottom and repaint it.
  • Check the centerboard of your sailboat hull. The centerboard stabilizes the boat and keeps it from moving sideways. Most smaller boats have this. It is adjustable and can be removed for downwind sailing. Inspect your sailboat’s centerboard before and after sailing.
  • Invest on necessary things and skills for sailboat hull maintenance. You need first-class hull wax, dive masks, soft rags, marine bottom paint, fins, ladders, snorkels, and safety masks. Besides the tools, you also need technical wisdom and carpentry skills to maintain your sailboat. Ask help from peers or from experts if you’re just starting out. Familiarize yourself with the sailboat parts so it will be easier for you to fix them. They are the hull, bow, keel, stern, rudder, tiller, transom, and centerboard. These are parts of an ordinary hull. Remember that there are various kinds of hulls, which may have more features and parts.

Besides sailboat hull maintenance, your sailboat also needs engine service, winterizing and de-winterizing tips, torque tips, and gelcoat repair. These are helpful skills to learn especially if you’re using your sailboat frequently.


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