How To Make a Luggage Tag

A luggage tag is the most efficient item you can use when traveling. It can be very difficult to identify your luggage among so many, and having your own unique tag can make it much easier to pick yours out. This can save you a lot of time and lessen the hassle of trying to distinguish which luggage belongs to you. Where some people may find the use of ribbons just as effective, the disadvantage is that it can somehow get disentangled during the course of your travel. Having a luggage tag that is properly and carefully labeled will ease things up for you when it comes to identifying and claiming your luggage. Making your own luggage tag is fun and it can be as unique as you want it to be. The great thing about it is that no one else will have the same tag as you do which happens when you purchase it from a store. Here are a some ideas to make your very own luggage tag:

  • Making cardboard tags. The materials you will need are cardboard which you can get from a shoe box or a cereal box, some neon3x5 index cards, packing tape (clear), a marker, a zip tie, and a hole puncher. Cut out your cardboard from your box, keeping it a bit longer in length than your index cards. For each one of your luggage tags, cut out two pieces of cardboard shaped like rectangles measuring 3x7. Set these 2 cards in the middle of two of your index cards, letting the 2 extra inches of the rectangular cards remain on one area of your neon index cards. To make sure that all the pieces are together while taping, make use of a small piece of tape to hold them securely. Begin labeling your tag with your marker. Write your name on one side and your address on the opposite side. If you wish to add some kind of design on your tag to make it more distinguishable from the others, you can do so. Proceed by wrapping up your entire card with your clear packing tape making sure that you are able to seal it firmly along its edges. Use your hole puncher to create a hole at the center of the extra 2 inches of cardboard you left on the side. You can now place your zip tie through the hole, affixing your luggage tag onto your luggage.
  • Making luggage tags with your computer. You will need a Cardstock, either in neon colors or plain white, a cutting blade, self-laminating tag protectors, your computer, and your printer. Open up your computer and look for nice images you would want to design on your tag. With your photo editor, open a blank image according to the size that you want your luggage tag to be. The normal sizes of the sheets of self-laminating tags are 2.5x4.5 so try to keep that in mind when considering the size of your luggage tags. Pick out our designs and copy-paste them onto your blank image while adjusting them to the specific size. Do this on both sides of your tag. You may use different images for each side of your tag too. Allow some space on your tag’s edges to place in your personal contact information. You may type in your information by using the text tool of your photo editor software. Once done, start to print this onto your cardstock. Cut the tag and proceed to do your lamination. The self-laminating tags have an area along its edge that you can cut out. With your cutting blade, remove the cardstock that is visible on the cutout while leaving a little area to fasten the plastic loop securely on your luggage. These loops are included with your self-laminates as well.

You can now make use of your one-of-a-kind luggage tags. You can also use this as a great gift idea for other friends, something personal that they will surely appreciate.


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