How To Make a Travel Jewelry Organizer

Do you love traveling but hate the idea of having your various jewelries mixed up and tangled along the way? This has been a problem of many women when going on a trip. Of course, they have to match the jewelry with the dress they are going to be wearing. This requires bringing multiple jewelries at once. Most women do not want to bring just a set of jewelry when traveling. They want to bring everything that will match each of the dresses they have. Are you caught in the same dilemma? Well, worry no more. This article will teach you how to make your very own travel jewelry organizer.

  • What do you need to make one? Buy the following materials: a pretty fabric, preferably a glossy one, a petticoat fabric to serve as lining, threads, needles, plastic canvas, and two pieces of zipper and a pair of magnetic buttons. You will also need a sewing machine, scissors, ruler and tailor’s chalk.
  • Cut the fabrics. Make an 8”x18” measurement on the colored fabric and petticoat. Measure with the ruler and line it with tailor’s chalk so the lines would be easily seen. You will need two pieces of the colored fabric and one for the petticoat. Cut the dimensions. For the plastic canvas, make two pieces with a measurement of 6”x6”.
  • Sew the fabrics together. Once the fabrics are cut, place the petticoat under the colored fabric. Save the other colored fabric for later. Sew the edges to secure them. Before sewing the zipper and plastic canvas to the fabric, sew them separately first. After this is done, it is now time to sew them to the colored fabric. Start an inch from the top and an inch from both sides. Do this on the second plastic canvas about ten inches from the top and an inch from both sides.
  • Make compartments. If you have sewn the plastic canvas onto the fabric, divide it into three 2”x2” compartments by sewing all the way down and across the canvas. These will serve as the storage for each of your jewelry. After this, sew the back part of your organizer to complete the look. Make sure that the fabric is facing upward. To finish it off, put in the pair of magnetic buttons at the center top and bottom of your organizer. Fold the finished product in half to close it.

Now that you have made a jewelry organizer for your travel, you will not have to worry about misplaced or lost jewelry because you already have a case for them. Your necklaces will no longer be tangled with the others because they will have a compartment all of their own. You will not have to put them just about anywhere there is space in your bag or luggage. You have also made one in the design and color that you want. It is also very lightweight and will not take up much of your luggage space, leaving more space for other things that you need to bring on your trip.


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