How To Make Name Tag Key Chains

Name tag key chains are used to identify keys that should be securely labeled as yours. If you lost your keys, they come in handy for the finder to contact you easily to return them. These key chains can be used to label other things as well like bags or luggage. But when you got tons of keys and bags to label, it can be quite expensive to buy name tag key chains for every piece. Here are steps on how to make your own name tags:

  • Collect the materials that you will need for the name tags. You can use some of it from recycled materials. Some should be bought from a craft shop or a school or office supply store. Here are the materials that you will need:
      • A piece of paper, preferably white. Light colored paper is best recommended. You can use mailing labels to save time on cutting pieces of paper.
      • Adhesive, double sided tape or strong hold glue
      • Key rings
      • Scissors to cut the paper and another scissor that can cut through hard plastic
      • Flushcut wire nippers
      • Candle, match or lighter
      • Hard plastic sheet or you can recycle an old binder divider
      • 1/8” drill, hefty hole punch or a hot nail to drill through the hard plastic
  • Print out your name and details on a piece of paper. Be sure to print it in the size of a mailing label. You can use an actual mailing label to print out your name and details. Cut them to the size of a mailing label.
  • Measure the plastic sheet on the mailing label. Allot at least 2mm around the perimeter of three sides of the label and 10mm on one shorter side where you will drill the hole for the key ring. Draw the cutting lines on the plastic as your guide.
  • Cut the plastic sheet with a heavy duty scissor. Be careful not to cut yourself. Hard plastics are difficult to cut. Cut along the cutting lines and be sure to cut slowly and straight. If you have old plastic binders, you can use it for this purpose. Remember to recycle when you can.
  • With your 1/8” drill or hole punch, make a hole on the end of the plastic sheet. If you do not have a drill or a hole punch, you can use a ¼” nail. Heat the tip of the nail and drill a hole on the plastic sheet while the nail is hot. You should drill a straight hole through it. With your wire nippers, trim the hole for any rough edging. Use a match or a candle to smooth the edges. Any rough and sharp edges can harm or bruise you.
  • Paste or stick your mailing label on top of the plastic sheet. Remember to smooth it from end to end to prevent air bubbles.
  • Insert the key ring through the hole and you are done.

Always be sure to use ink that is water resistant – never use ink that blots when it gets wet. If you want a variation in color, you may use colored plastic but be sure that it is clear and not opaque so your name would be visible through it. Now you can always be assured that your keys or bags will be properly identified when you have identification tags on them.


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