How to Make the Most of Your Motorcycle Touring

motorcyclists having a road trip

Each year the weather warms and motorcyclists head out onto the road. Many of the 8.4 million motorcycles in the US get ridden for motorcycle touring.

Interested in taking a road trip on your motorcycle? Long distance motorcycle touring comes with its own unique set of challenges.

To make your trip is enjoyable, use these tips. You will notice that making the most out of your ride means planning ahead.

Eat at Odd Times

We all know how restaurants work, you'll be waiting a long time if you try to eat dinner at peak hours. To avoid this plan to eat your meals during off times.

You are carefree and on a motorcycle road trip. Who cares if you eat breakfast at 10 am or dinner at 9 pm?

If you are on a budget, look for the early bird specials. Often restaurants will have discounted meals for those eating before 5 pm.

Be Realistic With Your Daily Distance

Traveling by motorcycle is an opportunity to enjoy the scenery. Don't try to cover highway miles on those backroads.

First, the backroads have lower speed limits. Second, you are on a motorcycle for a reason, so enjoy those slow winding curves.

Factor in time to stop and stretch your legs. You can plan these breaks to happen at places with amazing views or neat sites.

Always Call Ahead for Your Room

Calling the hotel will get you a better rate than showing up and walking in. For even better deals, book online.

You can do this on your smartphone. If you have a laptop, stop somewhere with free wifi and book from there.

Just make sure you book your reservation by 4. This will help with the best rates and ensure you have a room.

Have a Destination for Your Motorcycle Touring

Pick a point on a map that is your end goal. This will help you stay focused on your ride.

Try to choose new locations. This will add variety to your trip.

Plus there are many motorcycle events all over the country that you can attend. This will give you a reason to build in a few days to take a break from riding.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Nothing is worse than realizing an hour or two into your ride that you wore the wrong jeans. You won't enjoy the rest of your ride if your focus is on your uncomfortable gear.

When you do your pre-ride bike check add your gear to the list. Take a look at your gloves, boots, and helmet. You want them to be safe, but also well fitting.

Plan Your Motorcycle Travel

Make the most of your motorcycle touring by planning ahead. Check out your gear and make sure it's going to work well on long rides.

Pick your final destination and some possible routes to get there. Don't try to pressure yourself into riding a crazy high number of miles.

Plan your riding so that you are taking meal breaks on off-peak hours. This will get you back on the road sooner.

Always call or book your hotel online. This will help you get the best rates.

Prep for all the back roads you will ride on with this article on how to ride those curves.


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