How To Navigate BWI Airport

The Baltimore/Washington International is one of the larger airports, based in Maryland. As the gateway to both Maryland and the National Capital region, Baltimore Washington International prides itself on being known as "one great airport serving two great cities". That being said, touching down in Maryland can be very exciting. Not being familiar with the airport's layout and areas, however, can prove to be quite frustrating. The airport's official website offers a very detailed guide and map on how to go around the airport, so if you have the time, it will be worth a look. The guide can be downloaded in PDF format. 

Here is a quick run-through on the areas, airlines, concourses and services that are housed in BALTIMORE/WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL. BWI has five concourses in all, linked to one main terminal. The main terminal houses an observation deck, the Thurgood Marshall tribute, a meditation room and a number of retail and food establishments. The Baltimore Washington International Customer Service Center can be found on the upper level of the main terminal, right behind the Air Tran ticket counter and near Concourse D. Staff operates from Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The hourly parking garage is accessible by 5 skywalks. 

Upon entering Baltimore Washington International, Concourses A and B will be to your east side. The Main area of Concourse A has 3 ATMS, conveniently located beside a number of food establishments and retail outlets. Continuing further down the Concourse will lead directly into Concourse B, where there is one more ATM and a few other restaurants and stores. Southwest Airlines is in Concourses A and B. 

  • Concourse C houses American Airlines, Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines. The entrance to Concourse C is at the center of the BWI's main terminal, right by the UPS and Fedex stations. Across these you will find an ATM, and the Baltimore Washington International information center. 
  • Concourse D houses Air Tran, Cape Air, continental Airlines, United and US Airways. Located to the Northwest side of the main terminal, Concourse D also had its share of restaurants, retail shops, and two ATMs. 
  • Concourse E services Air Canada Jazz, Air Jamaica, Air Mobility Command, British Airways, USA 3000 and charters. You will find a Hudson News stand here, and a Tax and Duty free shop. 

Wireless Internet is available in all Concourse Areas, as well as in BWI's observation gallery. 

In the lower level of Baltimore Washington International, you will find the Baggage Claim area and the Customs and Border Protection area, as well as a police station. There are four baggage claim areas in total. An information center is set up here, and you will also find the Maryland Welcome Center. 

In the lower level, there are a number of options for ground transportation. You will find access to the Light Rail station, a limousine rental service, the parking shuttle and the Amtrak - MARC, the Public Transit Regional bus Station, a Super Shuttle, Airport Shuttle, Car Rental shuttle and a taxi stand. These give you more than enough options in terms of ground transport.


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