How To Navigate Logan Airport

If you're flying to or from Boston, you're probably going to hit Logan International Airport, as it carries most international and domestic flights. Logan's a fairly busy airport - roughly 26 million passengers go through it every year - and despite its size, it's pretty easy to navigate.

The first step, of course, is getting there. Any subway, bus or taxi heading for East Boston can take you to Logan International Airport. If you're planning to drive there, though, be ready to pay for some expensive parking. Every hour will set you back $5, and you'll end up spending up to $22 for a day's parking. Before heading for Logan, it may be helpful to check out the Massport website at It's got maps that will locate terminals, restaurants and hotels for you. Click the link that says "Logan International Airport" for detailed information on arrivals, departures, security, airport traffic, weather, and parking, among others. It's also got handy guides on going to and from the airport, as well as restaurants, shops, banks and other services you can avail of while inside. Each passenger terminal has public internet access stations for your convenience.

Logan International Airport consists of 4 passenger terminals. Terminals A to C each service a number of airlines, while Terminal E takes care primarily of international flights. Here's a list of the airlines each terminal services:

  • Terminal A: Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, Delta Shuttle, Comair
  • Terminal B: Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, American, America West, Spirit Airlines, American Eagle, US Airways, US Airways Express, US Airways Shuttle
  • Terminal C: Air Tran Airways, JetBlue Airways, Cape Air, Continental, Midwest, United, United Express
  • Terminal E: American and JetBlue Airways (for international arrivals), Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, Northwest, KLM, SATA, Finnair, flyGlovespan, Iberia, Icelandair, Swiss, Virgin Atlantic, charters

Before landing, check your itinerary to see if you have to change planes. If you have to switch flights, it's a good idea to double-check which terminal you're in by looking at the board displaying arrivals and departures. Once you've got your bearings, find out the departure time of your connecting flight, then follow the signs to the proper terminal and gate. If you're headed for a different terminal altogether, shuttles will help take you from one terminal to another for free. Just follow the friendly signs pointing to the shuttles. You can also try the moving walkway that connects Terminals A and E, and the garage.

Of course, there are also plenty of reasons to leave Logan International and enjoy what Boston has to offer. The cheapest way to move from the airport is to take Logan's free shuttle to the MBTA (known fondly as the "T") subway station. The shuttle runs conveniently from 4am to 1am everyday, and will take you to the T's Blue Line, Satellite Parking, and the Water Transportation Terminal. The T will also take you to several local areas around Boston. The shuttles have ample luggage room and are all wheelchair-friendly.


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